Create A Stunning Dining Room For 2016

Many homeowners are hoping to make some positive changes to their homes in 2016.

This year, you might be wanting to extend your house, or convert your garage. On a smaller scale, you may be remodelling your kitchen.

There are many great project ideas for you to undertake. Even a simple decor change can help your home feel fresh and new.

One room that is popular to refresh regularly is the dining room. This is a room you are most likely to entertain guests. A fresh environment is essential for enjoying a good meal too.

To completely refit a dining room, you might choose to replace everything. Start by emptying the room, and measuring the space you have left. You might be pleasantly surprised about the dimensions.

Create A Stunning Dining Room For 2016

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A good sized space gives you options to choose from a wider range of dining sets. These can take up less space than you think, but do check the dimensions of the space they require when the seats are being used.

Some seating styles can be quite bulky. They might even be too heavy for some people to move. It is always wise to try out a few styles before you pick a dining set. Extendable tables can allow you to use the table in a smaller position when you don’t have guests.

The floor of the dining room is important. While carpet can look elegant and chic, it might not stay like that for long with food and drink spills.

If you look at Ted Todd wooden flooring, you’ll be able to see a variety of options and colours to suit your tastes. Knowing what dining set you would like could help influence your decision on the flooring, and vice versa. T

he dining room is often a statement room. You can make a statement with both the flooring and the dining set.

Create A Stunning Dining Room For 2016

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You will also need to choose a colour scheme for the walls and decor. A feature wall works well in a dining room. This wall may be a complementary colour, or it may be patterned. There are plenty of options.

For 2016, colours like Lilac Grey and Serenity can be used to offer the new season’s fresh new look. Tones and shades of your main colour choice can then be brought out in your tableware.

The table runner is a great way to add a splash of colour to the dining room. You might also choose a coloured place setting, although black goes with anything!

Drapes are often used to bring out your colour palette as well. They soften a room and add some extra texture to the balance as well. Best of all, they are quite cheap to replace if you want to refresh the room again another time.

Sideboards are handy to have in the dining room. You can decorate these with coloured and textured ornaments to continue your colour theme. Best of all, you can store your tableware, crockery and glasses here if you prefer not to leave the table dressed.

Enjoy your beautiful new dining room.

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