Spring is an exciting time if you’re out in the garden. It’s when the first shoots of growth start to appear, and some of the most beautiful flowers begin to blossom.

When you’re running a commercial garden, it’s a particularly important time, since the steps you take (or fail to take) at this point will have knock-on effects which will spread through the entire year.

So, what might be done to prepare for spring in the garden? There are a few essential chores worth mentioning.

Tidying up

Your flower beds and borders may have deteriorated during winter, with fallen leaves and other detritus making their way into many surprising places. If you’re going to get the best possible growth, then this will need to be cleared away. Be methodical, making sure that every little section is fully cleaned before moving on to the next. This might seem a little bit laborious – but the benefits of a clean space are considerable.

Cleaning furniture

Metal garden bistro table and chairs placed on gravel in  the garden

Similarly, your garden furniture will deteriorate during the winter, thanks to cold weather and rainfall. Now is an excellent time to give it some attention, since you aren’t going to be distracted by tending to plants at this time of year. 

Fences, gates and trellis

While you’re in a garden, you’ll tend to spend a lot of your time looking at the edges of it. In all but the largest estates, a fence panel, gate or trellis is always visible. Thus, if any of these things are damaged, you can be reasonably sure that the damage will be noticed. Replacing a fence panel tends to be a pretty straightforward operation, and one that’s best completed before spring rolls around.

Create a composting area

Wooden garden compost heap/container. With wheelbarrow and backet of garden waste

Composting is an art form that will provide you with a stream of eco-friendly fertiliser at next to zero cost. To do it right, you’ll want to set aside a dedicated space. Make sure that there’s enough airflow for the compost to breathe, and that you can easily turn it.

Get rid of pests

If your garden is infested with pests, then now is a great time to do something about them. After all, once spring rolls around, they’ll wake up and wreak havoc. The best, and greenest, way to deal with garden pests is to attract natural predators, which means planting the right flowers in the right places. Get a vibrant ecosystem going, and your garden space might well balance itself out!

Sharpen your garden tools

Caring for garden tools is worthwhile for several reasons. To begin with, you’ll help those tools to last longer and perform better, which means the time you spend in the garden will be more productive. It’s also worth thinking about safety, since blunt, decrepit tools are more likely to malfunction. Set aside a few hours to sharpen your tools, or find a professional to do it on your behalf!