Summer is certainly the ideal season to organise a garden party.

Although you can still take advantage of a few days of good weather or balmy evening to meet up with the neighbours for a cocktails, a brunch, a dinner or something similar.

Making sure you have a plan each detail is important when throwing the perfect garden party. Plus, such effore makes it a memorable experience for your guests, but it should also mean that with everything organised you should be able to relax and fully enjoy the magical atmosphere with your friends.  

Here are some tips and tricks to help you to organise the perfect garden party. Don’t forget to consider the weather conditions, and that the natural surroundings could make an outdoors party unpredictable, so make sure you are fully prepared for every eventuality. A gazebo or a marquee is a great idea, or an alternative location inside.

Guest list, invites and dress code

Even if you are planning an informal party for the neighbourhood, knowing who will be attending it is a great help, as it will enable you to arrange the seating you’ll need, meet dietary requirements, avoid any shortages of food and drinks and arrange the garden space to make all things go perfect. 

Friends dressed smart casual sat around table outside

Do not forget to communicate to the guests when the party date is in advance: you can choose a classic printed invite card with a botanical template, or a digital invitation via email or WhatsApp. Anyway, add an RSVP (répondez, s’il vous plaît) to your invite, so you know exactly who will come to your garden party.

If you are planning a formal garden party, and a dress code is needed, it is best to specify this detail in the invitation. 

Five essential things to throw a perfect outdoor party 

To host a memorable garden party and make your guests happy, there are some crucial elements you have to consider: 

  • food
  • entertainment
  • decoration
  • comfort

So, try to plan everything in advance and decide on the type of event: is it a casual party or a formal one? Do you prefer to organise a BBQ with friends, a tea party, a dinner or just drink and nibbles? Going for a seasonal menu and something that is tasty and easy to eat it is always a good idea.

Thus, you will have clear ideas on how to organise the space outdoors, where to place furniture and how to decorate the garden to create a wonderful atmosphere and a comfy setting. Candles, tea lights, blankets, and a few cushions can add comfort and a sprinkle of magic to any location.

Garden party with cushions on benches, star light and garden string lights

If you throw a party during summer, don’t forget to protect your guests from garden insects and sun: bug repellent, lemongrass candles and sunscreens must be available to guests. Furthermore, provide extra warm and soft blankets and place some heating lamps because it might get chilly in the evening.

Sting lights decoration across garden

Music and ambience lighting are essential to create the right mood at any time of the day: select an uplifting playlist for the day, a relaxing one when the sun goes down and choose warm and soft lights for the evening.