For those that enjoy golfing, a golf trip is a perfect getaway to enjoy some light exercise – and a bit of friendly competition with your friends.

Packing for a golfing trip can be difficult since you’ll want to make sure you have everything from the right golfing equipment to the right shoes. But by making a packing list before you go, you’ll be sure not to forget anything the next time you go away to play:

Golf bag

Whether you’re going away for a just for day or an extended weekend on the links with friends, don’t forget to take your golf bag – and pack the essentials:

Man and women on walking on golf course

Balls: Running out of balls can happen to anyone, so remember to pack some spares. Depending on your level, three or four sleeves should be the right amount.

Jacket: Getting up early to hit the course can sometimes be chilly, so pack an extra layer to not let the cold affect your play.

Tees: Keep a hefty handful of tees in your bag so you’re never the friend who runs out.

Golf clothes

There’s generally a broad consensus over what you should wear on a golf course, and just because you might be playing on a public course, doesn’t mean you should always turn up in jeans and a T-shirt. Stick to the following items when you’re deciding which golf clothes to pack:

Golfer with blue trousers and white top, carrying golf bag

Shirt: A pullover shirt with a collar and short sleeves is the perfect shirt for the course.

Trousers: Khaki, cotton or linen for the summer, and wool trousers for the cooler months.

Shorts: Avoid gym shorts, short shorts or cutoffs and stick to longer shorts or Bermuda shorts.

Shoes: If you already own them, packing golf shoes is essential for a golfing trip away. Note that most clubs require soft spikes instead of metal ones on their courses.

Formal attire: Depending on whether you’re staying on-site in the evening and how strict the clubhouse dress code is, packing some formal attire just in case will make sure you don’t end up without something appropriate to wear.

Essential extras 

As well as clothes and golfing equipment for your golf bag, don’t forget these essential extra bits.

First aid kit: You never know what might happen while you’re out playing. Packing a golf first aid kit, including plasters to cover cuts and protect against abrasion, could be worth its weight in gold if something goes wrong.

Lip balm: Avoid dry or cracked lips by remembering to pack a lip balm, especially useful if it’s got SPF in it as well.

SPF: Playing on the course all day might mean you’re exposed to the sun. Protect your skin by adding an SPF to your kit.

Extra pencils: You never know when a pencil might break, and most likely it’ll snap when you need it most. Keep some spares – preferably with rubbers on the end – to ensure you never run out.

Water bottle: Golf can be tiring if you’re playing all day, so remember to stay hydrated and pack a bottle of water.

If you’re going away for the day or heading on a slightly longer golfing retreat overnight, don’t forget to pack these essentials before you go. That way, you’ll never run out of anything you need, and you can focus on hitting your best shot instead.