There are few worldwide destinations that offer as much as Canada does.

From the breathtaking mountain scenery, impressive glaciers, and vast forests to the metropolitan hubs of its major cities, Canada truly is a city of contrast, and has something to appeal to everyone. 

Toronto, the largest city in the Canadian province of Ontario, is the largest in the country in terms of population and is the fourth most populated city in North America. It’s a cultural centre with an incredible amount on offer, with thriving business, arts, and sports scenes. If you’re planning a trip to Toronto, check out this guide with some top tips to make the most of your stay. Keep reading to find out more. 

When To Go

While it might not see as extreme winter weather conditions as other Canadian cities, Toronto can still certainly get cold in the Christmas season. If you’re planning to head there for that time, make sure you pack and dress appropriately. A warm jacket, hat, and gloves are absolutely crucial, as are sturdy, solid boots in case you need to make your way around the city in the snow. 

Black boots in the snow

The summers, by contrast, are warm and pleasant. Bring loose, comfortable, breathable clothes, and don’t forget your sunglasses and suncream. However, the warm weather naturally brings more tourists, so keep this in mind if you’re booking up to go in the summer months. Generally, the best time to go is late spring to early summer, this way you should catch the good weather while avoiding the busiest months of the year. 

What To Do

Toronto is a big city, with a current metro area population of over six million. It’s a hotpot of different communities and cultures and is often lauded as one of the world’s most inclusive and welcoming cities. This means there is near limitless number of things to do and things to see, the city has a buzzing nightlife and arts scene as well as world class food and drink options. 

Art Gallery of Ontario Canada
Art Gallery of Ontario Canada

Toronto is home to one of the largest art galleries in North America, the Art Gallery of Ontario, the perfect choice if you’re looking for a bit of culture. You could check out the iconic CN Tower, the Royal Ontario Museum, or the Rogers Centre to catch a baseball game. And who could forget Niagara Falls?

Whatever you do, ensure you’re doing it safely and get some form of insurance ahead of time. As an example, take a look at travel insurance from Staysure, they offer a range of deals and cover packages that will cater to most individuals or groups.

Where To Stay

Your options for places to stay are wide open in Toronto. You shouldn’t worry too much about potentially staying in a risky area, in 2019 the Economist Intelligence Unit ranked Toronto as the sixth safest city in the world, so you should feel comfortable wherever you are. 

Row of houses in Canada

The city has over 140 neighbourhoods, so picking a place to stay can sometimes feel overwhelming. If you’re looking for a luxury getaway, consider the Bloor or Yorkville areas, while Queen West and Chinatown are perfect for food fanatics.


Toronto is one of the most exciting and interesting cities in the world. It really does have something for everyone, no matter what you’re looking for from a holiday, you can be confident that you will find it in Toronto. While you might have to think carefully about when you want to go, what you want to do, and where you want to stay, there isn’t really a wrong choice when it comes to Toronto.