There’s a reason Europe is loved by so many. With so many beautiful countries to visit at all times of the year, there really isn’t a bad time to holiday in Europe.

However, as tourist levels drop and the weather becomes cooler, Autumn is a great time to see many European sites. So if you’re dreaming about another holiday already, here are 5 places in Europe you should visit this Autumn. 

Prague, Czech Republic

With snow not starting to fall until the end of November, Autumn brings all the beauty of the colder months to this Czech city – but without the rain.

Two glasses of young wine (burcak) traditional drink at the end of summer and autumn when grapes are riped, Mikulov, South Moravia region, Czech Republic
Glasses of wine “burcak” Czech Republic

September is famous for the Czech sweet wine “burcak” and there are plenty of wine tasting festivals around Prague. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a so-called Indian summer day with clear skies and warmer temperatures this season! 

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Didn’t think the picturesque canals and city parks of Amsterdam could get any prettier? Try visiting in Autumn.

Amsterdam canals and houses in Autumn
Amsterdam in Autumn

As orange foliage adorns Amsterdam’s water routes and the bars and restaurants become even cosier, don’t miss ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) in October when thousands of DJs, music fans and industry leaders arrive in the city.

Paris, France

Did you know there’s an official term for when Parisians return to the city after spending their summer on the coast?

Seine river in Paris France, with sunset and Eiffel Tower during Autumn

The rentrée – or re-entry – is a great time to visit Paris as businesses reopen after the busy tourist season, and street stalls set up selling roasted chestnuts and books along The Seine.

North Wales, UK

For those that want to stay closer to home, North Wales offers holidaymakers plenty.

Fairy Glen in North Wales, United Kingdom
Fairy Glen in North Wales

With beaches for dog owners, spa resorts for couples, and attractions like Conwy Castle for families, there are also plenty of great places to stay in North Wales to return to in the evening. 

Rome, Italy

As the country’s capital city, it’s no surprise Rome is extremely busy during the summer. That’s what makes Autumn such a perfect time to visit this Italian paradise.

Tempio di Esculapio, Villa Borghese, Roma, Italia in Autumn

With fewer tourists to battle with to enjoy local Italian food and wine, and harvest festivals springing up around the capital, the light breeze in the air makes Rome in Autumn one not to be missed. After all, when else could you see the Colosseum empty, Piazza Navona filled with locals rather than tourists, and breathtaking red and orange leaves at Villa Borghese Park

If you’re currently planning your next European getaway, don’t wait for Summer. Instead, try visiting some of our favourite spots in Europe during Autumn and experience these destinations with far fewer tourists, far fewer queues for attractions and the perfect balmy weather – exactly how they were meant to be enjoyed.