Planning to renovate or redecorate? Out of ideas? We’ve got you covered. Below, we’ve curated five emerging trends for you to consider this autumn. Whether you’re looking to go big and bold or subtle and sophisticated, there’s something for everyone in this round-up!

Let’s dive in:

1. Resurgence Of Seventies Style

You’ve seen it on the runway, now it’s hitting our homes.  The 70s are back in full force.  This revival brings rich tones, deep earthy colours, playful patterns, shag pile rugs and velvet furnishings—all reimagined for a modern-day market.

Finish the look with wooden accents, rattan furniture, cork accessories, quirky ceramics, macrame wall hangings and large leafy houseplants.  Khaki green, rust red, burnt orange and dark brown dominate.

Scour markets, charity shops and boot sales for authentic vintage items that will add the perfect finishing touch to your room— look for anything with a fun, nostalgic appeal that you can upcycle.  Perhaps wooden candlestick holders, a quirky vase or an interesting chair.

Wood panelling, a mainstay of 1970s interior decor, is back with a bang too. Homeowners are following in the footsteps of social media stars by installing their own wooden panels. Influencers show it can be done quickly, easily and inexpensively—reasons why it soared in popularity the first time around! Of course, modern wood panels are little like their predecessors. They’re refined for the modern day, sometimes painted in chic on-trend hues.

Pictured: Ikea’s Krösamos Kitchen Collection, Dumelm Elements Living Room Collection, Nest Mater Børge Mogensen Conscious Chair, Nest Louis Poulsen Panthella Floor Lamp, Dunelm Elements Viggo Table Lamp Tiger Lily, Dunelm AW22 Elements Arm Chair, Cult Furniture 1970, Framed Print, Cuckooland Retro 746 Telephone in Wood Effect.

2. Jewel Tones

If you’re over neutrals and bright, minimal interiors, you’ll be pleased to read that jewel tones are making a comeback this autumn.  Aim for an eclectic mix of intense gemstone colours layered with deep, moody tones. This season’s hero colours are vivid ruby red, sumptuous sapphire blue, opulent amethyst purple and dazzling emerald green.  The bolder the better. Use the precious palette to add a dose of drama to any room.  

Of course, jewel tones and plush velvet go hand in hand—the effect? Daring and opulent soft furnishings in eye-catching, fully saturated hues.  Add a brilliant pink throw on your sofa, or choose velvety curtains in a dazzling shade of citrine.

Planning to paint? If you have the budget, opt for richly pigmented shades from a premium brand. You won’t be disappointed, it makes all the difference.

Pictured: Evie and Skye Cushion, Lime Lace Print, OKA UK Tablescape, North and Nether Vintage Floral Jewel Wallpaper, Lime Lace Lara Armchair, BOBO 1325 Frenemy Throw, Graham and Brown Mykonos Harbour Matt Emulsion,  Furniture And Choice Baltimore Black Leather Sofa.

3. Barbiecore

If you live on the Internet, you’ll know about Barbiecore, summer 2022’s hottest aesthetic.  Barbiecore is all over Tiktok and Instagram. The hashtag “#barbiecore” reached 37 million views on TikTok as of 31st August 2022.  

The summer months saw social media stars, celebrities and influencers wearing lashings of pink, sparkling sequins, skyscraper heels, floaty tulle and pretty bows—even the Kardashians got in on the action. 

Expect the Barbiecore aesthetic to seep into our homes over the next few months.

In an interview with The Washington Post, a trend expert from the shopping platform ETSY revealed searches for “hot-pink home and living-related items” had increased 21% year over year. 

We predict this trend will hit the kitchen the hardest.  Think pink cabinets, soft furnishings and accessories.  Finish the look with a statement print or two.

Pictured: Walls and Floors Vernice Bon Bon Pink Tiles, Furniture And Choice Astor Grey Fabric Double Bed, Wayfair, Wallsauce Bright Pink Marble Wallpaper Mural, Ink & Drop ‘This Kitchen Is For Dancing’ Block Pink Quote Print, Purlfrost Window Film in Blossom Stained Glass, Wren Kitchens Baby Pink Kitchen Island, Wayfair Pink And White Barbie As Tennis Player Circles By Picture Frame Graphic Art.

4. Conscious and Considered 

There’s been a shift in consumer behaviour in recent years.  We’re taking a more considered approach as we shop, seeking items that are made locally and sustainably. We want our goods crafted from recycled components and shipped using eco-friendly materials.

We have a fresh understanding of our shopping habits and how they harm the planet.  We’re doing everything we can to minimise our impact on the earth. As a result, there’s a growing movement of people turning to nature. People who are growing their own food, nurturing plants and opting for only natural, biodegradable materials. Ditching plastic where possible.

This lifestyle has translated into an aesthetic of its own, typified by pared-back designs, and stripped-back woods—think refined, sophisticated, simple and of course, sustainable. Colours are often earth-inspired, a mix of neutral and natural colours taken from the natural world around us. Accents of sage, moss, stone, slate and clay work for this look.

Pictured: Dunelm Conscious Choice Towels, Dunelm Recycled Curtains, Dunelm Recycled Plastic Plant Pots, Nest Mater Børge Mogensen Conscious Chair, Nest Ferm Living Eternal Oval Jute Rug (biodegradable, sustainable). Rockett St George Sustainable Round Table, Rockett St George Blonde Rattan Dining Chair (sustainable). Rockett St George Sustainable Velvet Loveseat (recycled materials, sustainable materials).

5. Blobs, squiggles and curves 

Fluid boundless shapes are trending in the world of design, from software to sneakers, books to blogs—look around and you’ll notice freeform squiggles and colourful blobs everywhere.  

Curves have been making a quiet comeback over the last 12 months.  You might have spotted the odd cocooning sofa here, or an ‘organic’ shaped mirror there…

The trend looks set to soar this Autumn.  Several interiors brands’ collections feature irregular forms this season.   Take H&M Home’s latest drop, for example.  Apartment Therapy says the Scandinavian company have “fully embraced” the blob trend—see it represented on everything from trays to vases to candlesticks.

Pictured: H&M Bowl, Cult Furniture Rug, H&M Candle Holder, H&M Roomscape, Nest Ferm LIVING Calm Cushion, H&M Side Table, Primark Face Wire Ornament, Abstract House Canvas.