The British seaside is loved by millions around the world and there’s something very unique about it.

Since the Victorian ages, Brits have flocked to the coast to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the seaside, and today people fly in from all around the world to enjoy the piers and, more importantly, our chips.

There’s something special about the beach. It feels good for the soul and good for your mental health, with many people seeking out property and spending weeks and months at a time, using the sea air and sound of the waves to relax, focus and improve their lifestyles. 

That’s certainly the case today, with more and more people requiring the likes of addiction treatment, help with depression and more as the current economic climate hits hard.

And that really is because we do like to be beside the seaside. It improves the mood, and that’s visible with all the smiling faces that you walk past when you’re there.

But where are the best British seaside towns to visit, whether you’re looking to improve your mood, recharge your batteries, or simply enjoy an ice cream, or stick of rock? 


Brighton is one of the biggest and most popular seaside destinations in the country, and with good reason. While you won’t find any sand on its beaches, you will find an iconic coastline with one of the finest piers around. 

Brighton Pier, UK during sunset
Brighton Pier at sunset West Sussex England UK

The town itself is beautiful, with quaint little lanes filled with intriguing shops, while culturally its one of the more intriguing too, famed for being a musical hotspot, with many famous bands passing through down the years.

Robin Hood’s Bay

For a quieter British seaside getaway, Robin Hood’s Bay is a picturesque village in North Yorkshire, nestled between Whitby and Scarborough.

A view of Robin Hood's Bay on theHeritage Coast of the North York Moors
Robin Hood’s Bay North Yorkshire England UK

Named after the legendary English figure of folklore, Robin Hood, the village is a maze of tiny streets winding down to the coastline, with some fantastic places to eat and drink. Along the coast you also have Whitby, a short drive away, famed for Whitby Abbey, a place synonymous with Dracula.


Right along the Cornish coastline there are beautifully picturesque seaside towns, and Falmouth is certainly right up there with the best of them. Nicknamed The Spirit of The Sea, to this day it has a thriving harbour and is in an Area Of Natural Beauty. 

Castle Beach Falmouth Cornwall England UK
Castle Beach Falmouth Cornwall England UK

It has a strong history as one of the most important ports during World War II, while also news that Britain’s victory at the Battle of Trafalgar, as well as Admiral Nelson’s death, first landed at the shore in Falmouth before being taken to London.

It’s a truly fascinating place, all while being a gorgeous and relaxing setting with some of the best weather in the country.