With Christmas fast approaching, a lot of people are starting to plan their holiday getaways.

After planning staycations only for the last two years, most individuals are now looking to travel and organise more original Christmas holidays.

Are you also looking for fun holiday ideas or trends to inspire you? Are you interested in finding out about original ways of spending this traditional holiday?

If so, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll discuss the top holiday trends for this Christmas season.

We’ll focus particularly on the growing trend of sailing in the Caribbean as a holiday activity.

Top holiday trends

So, as we’ve mentioned before, staycations were necessary due to the recent sanitary situation. However, now that borders are reopening all over the world, there are more travel options available to you.

Of course, picking the right holiday for you will depend on your preferences, your past travels and your preferred activities. We’ll detail some of the best activities available in each of the following locations, so you can see if it suits you.

Antigua and Barbuda

This small island between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean is an ideal holiday destination for those looking for a more original way to spend their Christmas.

Tropical caribbean island Antigua Paradise beach at Morris Bay.
Paradise beach at Morris Bay Antigua

Although this country is a new 2022 holiday trend, there are still few people who travel to the island in December. This means that you will not be surrounded by masses of tourists and will have most of the paradisiac beaches to yourself.

Another advantage of going to Antigua and Barbuda around December is that hotel prices tend to be lower than during the summer holiday.

As we’ll later explore in more depth, there are several activities you can do on the island including:

  • sunbathing at the beach and going for a swim in the warm and clear waters
  • going scuba diving or snorkelling
  • sailing on a yacht or catamaran

There are many beaches in Antigua and Barbuda if you’re interested in the first option. If you’re looking for the best-looking beach, then you should head to the Half Moon Bay on the island.

If you’re interested in snorkelling, then Long Bay Beach is the best one in Antigua and Barbuda.

Scuba diving and snorkelling are popular activities on the island because of the Caribbean’s beautiful, turquoise waters. You can easily book a guided tour or a personal guide for these activities.

If you’re interested in sailing, then Antigua and Barbuda is the ideal place to sail from. It’s conveniently close to other islands if you want to explore a bit further.

You can choose to sail on a yacht or catamaran. A yacht is different from a catamaran in that it only has one hull.

The term hull refers to the entire bottom part of a boat (excluding the masts). Where as, a Catamaran has two hulls instead of one.

When booking a boat for your sailing trip in Antigua and Barbuda, you’ll have the option to book a bareboat (with no professional crew members) or a crewed one (with a professional crew onboard).

A bareboat trip would require you to navigate the boat yourself. With a crewed boat trip, you can sit back and enjoy the view without having to worry about navigating the ship.

We recommend booking a Chartering a yacht in the British Virgin Islands so you can fully enjoy the boat trip and the ocean view. If you’re lucky, you might even see some underwater creatures.

Free Person Walking on Snowfield Stock Photo


If you want to spend Christmas in a cold country, then head to Iceland. You can take a relaxing, hot bath in the Blue Lagoons’ geothermal waters.

For a magical and spectacular Christmas experience, you can stay up to see the northern lights. The northern lights peak viewing season is from September to March, which is convenient for those spending Christmas in the country.

There are also many Christmas markets which will delight your family members and immerse you in a very festive atmosphere.

There are plenty of wonderful hotels in Iceland with saunas and spas, to ensure that you have a comfortable and warm stay inside if the weather gets too cold.

If you have the budget for it, there are also very luxurious hotels with glass ceilings. These glass ceilings give you the opportunity to watch the stars and the northern lights from the comfort and warmth of your bed.

If you enjoy stargazing, skiing, ice skating, sledging, drinking hot chocolate and/or visiting Christmas markets, then a trip to Iceland should suit you well.

Two of the best Christmas markets in Iceland are:

  • The Christmas Market at Hjartagarðurinn, Reykjavík, with its “handmade products” (perfect for Christmas shopping)


Another original Christmas destination is Singapore. The locals take Christmas very seriously over there which is why it is one of the most popular holiday destinations in 2022.

Marina Bay Singapore Christmas lights
Marina Bay Singapore Christmas lights

If you want to spend Christmas in a vibrant and multicultural city with a lot of lights, fireworks, markets and holiday events, then Singapore is for you.

While you’re there, make sure to visit Orchard Road which is beautifully decorated with fairy lights. It’s also a great street to visit for last minute Christmas shopping.

The Marina Bay is another place to visit while you’re in Singapore. At Christmas time, the Gardens by The Bay showcase beautiful Christmas-themed flower sculptures.

The Garden has won many prestigious awards as one of the best tourist attractions in Singapore. It’s definitely worth a stop.

If you happen to be there for New Year’s Eve, pop over to the Marina Bay to see the spectacular fireworks and countdown celebration.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, these 2022 Christmas destination trends have inspired you. Wherever you end up going, the most important part of the holiday season is, of course, to relax, enjoy and spend time with your loved ones.