Six things to consider before choosing window frame colour.


Windows are one of the most important items to make up the exterior of a home. They add character and charm to properties and allow light in to brighten up and warm the home. And if you are lucky enough, they allow you to enjoy the view from your home too.

Deciding which windows to purchase that will look perfect against the rest of the property, can be a bit tricky. They need to be matched in a way that compliments the colours and materials that already exist within the rest of the home.

Luckily windows are available in different colours, sizes, types, and shapes, allowing home owners to added a designer touch if they so choose, or add ones that are in keeping with the specific design/era of the property.

This article provides a general overview of the six factors which an individual should consider before choosing the window colour.

The importance of the colour of the windows

Colours play an important role in giving and enhancing the look of a window. The importance of colour is not limited to making the home look pretty; it invokes the mood and state of mind of the individual. The colour of the windows creates an impression on visitors and affects the look of the house.

Two country cottages in cornwall - semi detached. One cottage with white window frames the other cottage with blue window frames

Dark colours on the window make the frame of the window disappear into the glass and give a flat and effective look. Whereas the light colours on the window frame highlight the window and create a unit. It is very important to consider various factors when choosing the colour of the window because if the window colours are not properly integrated, it hampers the look of the house. For more information click wide range of window colours.

What to consider before choosing the colour of the window?

Windows are available in a large variety with different colours, sizes, shapes, etc. It is important to consider certain factors while choosing the window frame colour.

Painted house with green leafy vines growing on it and grey sach windows

Style of the Property: This is the most important factor which a person should consider before choosing the window frame colour. Every home has a certain decor and architectural design, and an individual should choose a window that perfectly blends with the architectural design and décor of the house.

Colour of the house: The colour of the house plays an important role while selecting a window frame colour. An individual should choose the window frame colour that suits their home.

Consider the outside and inside look of the house: It is advisable for an individual to keep in mind both the interior as well as exterior design and décor of the house. Making sure to choose a different colour for inside and outside of the window frame.

Long term goals: This factor is important to consider because if the plan is to resell the house, then white window frame colour is the best option because it will appeal to a higher percentage of house buyers.

If the goal were to live in the house for a long period of time, customising the window frame colour as per the owner’s preferences, would not be an issue. Although painting over it in years to come once the desision to sell has been made, can make for a very big job.

Weather and outside conditions: This factor is important to consider with reference to maintenance. For instance, if outside the home there is a highway, then it is preferable to not to have a white window frame because of the street dust, which makes the windows dirty and sticky.


Windows are the eyes of the home, and they are not easy to replace, as they require a huge investment. That’s why the colour that an individual chooses for their windows is an important decision. Colour enhances the appeal and look of the window. There are certain factors which an individual should consider, like style of property, décor, interior and exterior design, latest trends, weather conditions, etc., before choosing the window frame colour.