In the bygone days of the mediaeval era, great halls hosted feasts, dances and general revelry.

They were the focal point of the homestead, in which most activities took place, sometimes beneath impressive stained glass windows depicting mythical and chivalrous tales.

Those tales were told with vibrant colours, and the light that passed through the windows seemed to bring the characters to life, their images dancing across the stone walls. These grand artistic masterpieces captivated audiences who would gaze up in awe, but they also served a practical purpose – increasing the natural light in a space and reducing the need for candles during the daytime.

Today, glazing can still provide a little bit of wonder in our homes while bringing with it the many benefits associated with natural light. But unlike the days of knights and stained glass, your glazing doesn’t have to be restricted to your great hall.

Instead, many people are choosing to incorporate roof glazing systems into almost every single room and extension, maximising the natural light and creating a talking point for guests who might be captivated by the view beyond.

So, which rooms in your home might benefit from a roof glazing system?

Let’s find out.

The Bedroom

Why do we enjoy camping?

The answer for many of us is that we can wake in the small hours of the morning, unzip the entrance, stumble onto the dewy grass and gaze upwards at millions of twinkling stars. It can be a humbling experience to know that we are a small part of this universe and can put our problems – which may seem significant – into perspective.

That camping experience is, of course, often accompanied by the chill of the early morning air and the struggle to get back to sleep, having left any semblance of comfort on the other side of the zipped entrance. Those two things are, of course, solved with the addition of a roof glazing system in your bedroom, allowing you to open your eyes, gaze in wonder at the night sky, reflect on your place in the universe, and fall effortlessly back to sleep.

It is an out-of-this-world experience.

The Living Room

Glass roof

When we sit on our sofas, bingeing a box set, immersing ourselves in a blockbuster movie, or playing the latest video game, it is easy to feel separated and disconnected from the great outdoors.

Spending too long cooped up inside doing these activities can upset our body’s natural Circadian Rhythm, whereby we take guidance from the sun and the light it casts down to keep at our happy, healthy best.

A roof glazing system in the living room can help us maintain a connection with the outdoors and the changing light of day and night. In the daytime, the glazing allows sunlight to enter the room, brightening the space and providing a more natural ambience. This exposure to daylight can positively impact our mood and energy levels, helping us feel more awake and refreshed.

As day turns to dusk, our main living space can be – depending on its aspect – bathed in the orange, pink and purple glows of sunset, giving the space a sense of drama. Finally, at night, our activities are enhanced by the night sky above, marking the end of a day in a way that makes our bodies feel at one with the natural world.

The Kitchen

We all love to cook outside.

There’s something special about opening the barbeque and grilling to your heart’s content under a sunny sky or even a moonlit night. But when it’s pouring with rain or it’s freezing cold, that simple pleasure is put on hold until better weather appears.

In the meantime, you might sit at the window, mournfully watching the damp or icy garden beyond and longing for better days. With the addition of a roof glazing system, however, you can enjoy the joy of alfresco cooking and dining every day of the year.

No longer will you have to obsessively check your weather app in the days leading up to a garden get-together, anxiously hoping that the rain symbol turns to sunshine or the temperature rises above freezing point. Invite friends over whatever the weather, without losing the specialness of dining in the great outdoors.

The Home Office

Glass roof

There are moments in our day when we might not feel as productive as we should, when performing basic tasks feels like an uphill battle, and we simply don’t have the motivation to stare at another spreadsheet.

When you feel yourself flagging and your energy levels dropping, you might reach for the kettle and make a strong coffee. But what if we told you that natural light is as effective as caffeine at boosting your focus and increasing productivity levels?

It’s true. According to a study by the World Green Building Council, Human Spaces and the International Well Building Institute, participants reported a 30-40% rise in productivity and sales when natural light was present, compared to work undertaken without it. 

As well as productivity, natural light – perhaps provided by a roof glazing system in your home office – can also make us healthier. Research by Cornell University reported an 84% drop in sight-related headaches and eye strain when workers were exposed to natural light in the workplace, while studies have also shown that workers were 15% more creative under similar conditions.

They say you should work smarter, not harder. With an abundance of natural light, you can do both!

Glazing isn’t just for windows. By incorporating it into a roof glazing system, you invite an abundance of natural light into your home, bringing with it a long list of health benefits, a connection to the great outdoors, and – at night time – a sense of genuine wonder.