Are you thinking about upgrading your surroundings? If so, you’re not alone.

Many of us take great pleasure in putting time and money into making-over own homes and many homeowners are choosing to enhance what they have and save in order to save on rising living costs. Any major home project requires serious planning though, so it’s good to know what’s popular should you eventually decide to sell.

After all, the way we use our homes has changed a lot over the course of the pandemic, and our expectations are evolving in light of trends such as home working. It’s not as if major work comes cheap either – so whether you’re using savings or have carefully planned out your finances in order to take out a home improvement loan, you’ll want to be sure of a sound investment.    

Below, read up on four in-demand home improvement options. 

New kitchens

The kitchen is the heart of the home and is naturally one of the most used spaces (unless you’re relying on takeaways and meals out). It also comes with greater demands than most rooms, so needs to be as functional as possible to deliver maximum returns. 

Man building kitchen cabinets

Any kitchen upgrade should look to make excellent use of space with a convenient layout and clever storage solutions. Modern kitchens should be intelligent too, so invest in smart appliances if you can afford to. 

Outdoor upgrades

For many, the pandemic has stressed the importance of outdoor space and our connection to nature – especially in cramped urban areas. So however much space you have outside your home, it’s worth making the most of it. 

Cottage gaden with bistro table and chairs

Social seating is key, as are attractive but easily maintained borders and potted plants. Make sure to factor sunlight into any major garden rework – and accommodate for children and pets too. 

Bathroom revamps

Much like kitchens, bathrooms are heavily used spaces in which functionality is key, making durable and hygienic materials crucial. But comfort is important too, so accessories like heated towel rails and underfloor heating are worth considering. 

Walk-in showers offer a great sense of luxury meanwhile, especially if your current water pressure is lacking. Heated mirrors are another smart option and can save precious time waiting for them to de-fog when getting ready.  


If you have space to spare either building out or up, then an extension can dramatically change the functionality and value of your home. This is especially true if you’re able to transform a previously cramped space like a kitchen, for example, or add another bedroom. 

Extention in process of being built

Extensions are major undertakings, of course, so you’ll need to carefully plan and choose labourers you can trust. You might need to be prepared for several weeks of upheaval too – but the returns could be more than worth it. 

Other popular home improvements include home offices and loft or garage conversions. Could any of these options transform your home?