Making over a home can be a joyous endeavour. It’s always a good thing to breathe new life into your home, especially with the changing of the seasons – but makeovers are not always financially feasible.

This is even more true for many households with the current cost of living crisis. But what can be done to bring the cost of your home make-over down a notch?


One of the most effective ways to make over a space on a budget is to accessorise it! Items and ornaments can define a space and paying close attention to what you include and how you include it can help you create an entirely new room without investing in brand-new three-piece suites.

Touring charity shops and vintage outlets can give you some inspiration for crafting a characterful space, and bargains are always easy to find on online marketplaces. Of course, you might find yourself falling in love with a costly statement piece here or there; there’s nothing wrong with saving up for a special item of furniture, especially if it will contribute to your space and keep your costs down elsewhere!


If spending any amount of money is a little too much to bear, there is a completely cost-free route to revamping your space, in the form of a good old-fashioned de-cluttering session. De-cluttering is not a new concept, but new approaches to the discipline have elevated it from spring-cleaning drudgery to life-affirming practice.

Declutter notes on a napkin

In removing clutter from a space, you give yourself more space in which to re-arrange things, reducing the ‘stuffy’ factor that can plague choked rooms. You can also re-evaluate your relationship with key items in the process, bringing a space more in line with your aesthetic and ideals.

Deals and Discounts

In buying things for your rejuvenated space, keeping an eye on the best deals and discounts available to you can make for a much more cost-effective make-over. Furniture shops will frequently hold end-of-season sales, and third-party voucher companies may offer unique deals for certain brands. You may even be able to get cashback from certain retailers.

A Simple Coat of Paint

Last but certainly not least, the simple act of painting a room – or even just a wall within it – can have a profound impact on its mood and feel. Though doing so may seem like a serious undertaking, a coat or three of wall paint couldn’t be easier to apply for even the greenest of DIY-ers.

Painting white wall with a roller

Paint can also be incredibly inexpensive, especially in comparison to furniture sets and new fixtures. But if a small can of paint from a chain outlet proves too expensive for your tastes, there are other, cheaper and more sustainable ways to procure your favoured hue. There are many co-operatives and CICs that collect second-hand paint and sell at a discount, with some more than happy to mix you a colour from their collection.