Experienced property buyers understand that even a seemingly derelict house has upward potential.

Fixer-uppers present a blank canvas, especially for starting families with a limited budget to buy their dream house. A project house will be a perfect purchase as they can put their distinctive stamp on the property. 

Those who purchase a fixer-upper understand that they must do repairs and renovations to make the house completely habitable. Homeowners wishing to renovate their houses must look for contractors with exceptional reputations and expertise. Another option is to handle the renovations themselves so they can save on labour costs. However, if they choose the latter option, they must look for a local enterprise that offers skips-for-hire to help them dispose of their waste. It’s always best to work with local companies, so if you’re from Cirencester or thereabouts, you can click here to find out about a reputable skip-hire company you can rely on for exceptional service. 

Here are some essential tips for renovating a fixer-upper.

Conduct a thorough structural assessment

Before you attend to various DIY projects, you must hire a safety expert to conduct a thorough inspection and assessment of the house. These professionals are highly skilled and trained in determining the structural problems in derelict houses which need immediate attention. Once they assess the structure and provide the details, you have to ask a contractor to provide essential repairs so you can leave your mark on the property.

Refresh the interiors and exterior with paint

house painter painting building exterior with roller

Among the first things that you’ll need to do is to refresh the interior and exterior with a suitable paint scheme. Remove any old wallpaper, scrape off peeling paint, and create a bare canvas to work your magic. Next, apply fresh coats of paint that reflect your personality. A fresh coat of paint immediately makes the property more valuable and attractive. 

Replace flooring

One of the biggest concerns will be flooring. If you want to refresh the area, you can place vinyl plank flooring to make the place stand out. You also have the option to replace the flooring with marble or tiles or apply other treatments to make it feel and look different. Once you’re finished with the flooring, you can easily move in your furniture and other personal effects. Remember that the colour you choose for your flooring will dictate any future updates on your property, so select wisely. 

Upgrade and update the exterior features 

Man in high vis top on scaffolding painting window

After ensuring that the paint and the flooring are finished, it’s time to attend to various exterior feature concerns such as the roofing, skylights and windows, front lawn and garden. These will add to the kerbside appeal and property valuation. 

Remodel the kitchen 

Homeowners wish to have kitchens with the best features but may find the renovation quite expensive. However, quality kitchen remodels need not cost too much. For example, you can repaint the kitchen cabinets or replace the doors, which can immediately create a huge difference in ambience. 


A fixer-upper house needs extensive repair and renovation to make it habitable. However, homeowners need not fret about making such changes, making the house their own.