Windows define the character of the house. When installing new windows, you should always keep in mind the type and shape of windows that complement each room.

The living room is no exception. Your living room is the main room for gathering and it should be bright, airy and stylish at the same time. Here are some amazing ideas for the type and shape of new windows which would make your living room beautiful.

Large Picture Windows

Large Picture Window

Picture windows are the most common option when it comes to windows for your living room. They are full-sized windows and they let in a lot of light into your room. Abundant light is essential for living rooms because the room needs to be well lit and aerated. Picture windows also allow maximum ventilation in your room. One downside to picture windows is that they cannot be opened, closed or moved around. Once installed, they stay put.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are windows which are square or rectangle in shape and have hinges at the side. They have a thick border around them as well, which can look very authentic in certain builds. Casement windows are a classic option and they are found in a lot of houses. They let moderate light in because they are smaller than picture windows.

Casement Windows

The downside to casement windows is their size so they don’t allow a lot of ventilation. They are also very bulky and chunky, which some people might find not suitable for minimal homes. Nonetheless, they are a great choice and a classic for living rooms.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are a set of 3 windows, which consists of a middle pane, which cannot be opened. The side parts are framed and meshed, which can be opened or closed. Bay windows look very minimal and effortless and add aesthetic appeal to the room. They are excellent for the living room because like picture windows, they allow maximum light and air in the room. The minimal frames and light colour of bay windows are a great choice, not just for the living room, but any other room. They look effortless, stylish and are practical.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are windows which have hanging panes from the side. The panes swing side to side and they can be easily opened and closed. Double hung windows have been around for a long time. They are available in different styles and colours and they can be customised as well. Double hung windows can be minimal, or they can be loud, to add statement to the room. They allow a lot of light into the room, which makes them perfect for the living room, along with maximum ventilation.

Which window style do you prefer for your home?