A great way to add style and warmth to a bedroom is to add a rug.

It’s not quite as simple as picking any old rug, as the size and the positioning of the rug really does matter.

Thankfully Ruggable are here to help, as they have collaborated with Home and Gardens on a blog post about The ideal area rug sizes for a living room – 5 expert rules to follow, and created the infographic below.

This infographic provides everything you need to know about choosing the perfect rug for your bedroom. Whether you have a king size bed, a queen bed, a full-size bed, a twin bed, or a double twin, you’ll find guidelines on the ideal rug size.

Expert tips for example including making sure your rug extends between 18 to 24 inches beyond the sides of the bed, and 10 to 20 inches of bare floor between the rug and the walls. Different sizes will work for different rooms and beds, so you can find a rug that perfectly fits your particular bedroom and bed size.

Ruggable infographic on rug size

Infographic Source: Ruggable