The party is over, you’ve just served your closest family and friends dinner and now it’s time for the dreaded clean up.

The thought of washing the pots and putting everything away is making you tired already but don’t worry. We have some some post dinner party clean up tips to have you ready to relax in no time.

Consider using table cloths

Although many people say that the detail is the table, there are ways you make it unique to your party. Tablecloths are fun and they are quick and easy to pick up and throw in the washing machine for an instantly clean table – no wipe down necessary.

Serve less-mess foods

This is pretty simple, the less messy foods you serve, the less mess you have to clean up. Stick to bite size portions that guests can just pop into their mouths, giving little opportunity for a mess. We recommend also using less sauces, dips and other create your own meals that can lead to spillages.

Have helpful cleaning tools close by

The Party's Over! The Top Dinner Party Clean up Tips

Have a clean cloth and a spray bottle with some cool water close by to catch any kitchen spills before they set, and make sure you have stocked up on stain remover. This all enables you to tackle any spills quickly so they don’t stain.

Upgrade your dishwasher

This tip is best for those who hold dinner parties regularly. If your dishwasher is getting old, chances are it won’t be cleaning as well as it used to and it might be time for you to think about getting a new one. Now could be the perfect time for you to do so because hosting a dinner party means you need clean dishes and it provides an easy way to clean up and tidy once the party is over.

Consider a Fisher and Paykel Double Dish Drawer, equipped with two drawers you have more space for all your leftover dishes and it will even dry it for you – saving you tonnes of time on cleaning up. We suggest you load this up before dessert so that once it’s done, your guest will have gone home and all you need to do is put items away.

Avoid fussy dinnerware

The Party's Over! The Top Dinner Party Clean up Tips - Palm Leaf Biodegradable Plates

Nobody really expects you break out your best china. Make sure you are opting for dishwasher friendly dishes and glasses or if you are hosting a dinner party for lots of guests, consider biodegradable/disposables plates and cups.

Clean up as you go

Last but certainly not least is a tip from Sam at Maid Clean. As you cook and prepare for you party, make sure you clean up as you go along. Wiping down the counters, putting things away and loading the dishwasher as you go will all help when it comes to cleaning up at the end of the night.

Now you know some of the best tips to having your kitchen clean in no time, you can begin hosting dinner parties like a pro.

Main Image Source: © House Of Fraser