The dining room is a focal part of the house. It is a space where the family can eat together and discuss the events of the day.

However, sometimes, this can lead to the dining room starting to feel like a separate entity to the rest of the house. Here is how you can use colour and decor to help ensure your dining room aesthetically fits in with the rest of the house.

Use Colour to Continue a Theme

If your home already has a particular colour theme running through it, you could blend this theme into your dining area.

While many designs give the dining room a look of its own, using the same theme and design can add additional purpose to the room.

If you have a simple white and silver colour scheme, use elements of this in the dining area.

Create Matching Design Ideas

One way to do this is by orderin desk and dining table legs in matching designs. If you have the desk in the dining room as well, you have an additional use for the room.

Dining room and lounge with desk

Meanwhile, if you have certain artwork pieces in the living room, you could use similar-style pieces in the dining room. These could be pieces from the same artist or just pictures with the same colours. 

If you have a kitchen and dining area combined, then having the same design ideas for both is essential. This can include matching kitchen worktops with the dinner tabletop or using similar lighting fixtures.

Make Good Use of Space

Those people lucky enough to have a large dining area can use the space how they wish. However, if you have a small dining area, you need to be more creative with your space. Think about what you can do to make the room multi-purpose or appear bigger.

One option is to use large mirrors to create the illusion of more space. Including a comfy bench as one of the seating options means you can accommodate more people. It also provides a nice seat if you want to use the table for working.

Use Plants to Good Effect

Adding plants, whether real or fake, can add another texture to your rooms. If you already have plants in other rooms of the house, then add them to the dining area as well.

Dining Room with plants

To match the food-related area, you can choose plants that can be used in cooking, such as thyme and mint. This will work particularly well if you have a sunny window in the room.

Plants can also be used as a centrepiece for the dining table. If you use real flowers, these will also add a lovely fragrance to the room as well as a visual spectacle.


There are many ways that you can make your dining room look like an intrinsic part of the house. By using ideas like those mentioned here, you can incorporate decor and accessories into the dining room from the rest of your house and turn this room into a multi-purpose space.