The focal point of a well-designed dining room is your dining table.

A dining table can be highly functional and the most beautiful centerpiece in your home. Dining tables are not just a place to eat; they are a place to work, gather with your friends, or a place to engage in family activities. Choosing a dining table can be challenging because so many options and ideas are available. 

You should consider many factors before choosing a dining table that fits your interior design style, ranging from material type to size and shape. If you’re worried that you won’t find the one that fits your interior design, we have the solution for you. Wescover’s dining tables are a collection of dining tables made by independent creators who can make customisable pieces for you. You can share your vision and budget with the creator so they can make something unique for you.  

If you’re concerned about how to choose the ideal dining table, the guide below can be of great assistance to you. 

Size of the Dining Table

It’s important to consider whether your dining table will be in a dining room or in an open kitchen living room. This will dictate how large a table is and its style and shape. The table will set the tone for the entire room, and if the dining area is part of an open-plan zone, it’ll even impact the other common areas. 

Space availability must be considered when selecting a dining room. First, examine and measure the size of the place where you plan to put the dining set to get an idea of the dimensions of a potential design. The ideal distance between the wall or any piece of furniture and the edge of your dining table set is three feet. The dining table you choose must be comfortable for sitting and provide space around it. 

Style of the Dining Table

Style should be a significant consideration when selecting the right dining table for your home. Whether you have a contemporary, rustic, or Scandinavian setting, your dining table should reflect that. Many different dining table designs can complement your existing decor. 

If you have a Scandi interior design style, look for a simple, modern solid wood and clean-lined table. Hampton’s interior design style is relaxed, elegant, and coastal. You can complement it best with a beautiful wood table with carved legs and classic lines. An industrial interior design style is rustic, raw, and contemporary, so choosing a subdued gray, black, white, or brown metal or wood dining table is best. Finally, if you have minimalist interior design, look for a clean-lined, functional dining table in a neutral color.

The Shape of the Table 

The shape depends on the available space and your requirements. For example, an oval or round table may provide more room to move around since it doesn’t have corners but still provides a large surface area. In addition, these tables are ideal for conversation and parties since they bring people closer together. 

White kichen with white round dining table and white chairs. Wooden flooring and grey sideboard

On the other hand, rectangular dining tables are ideal for large dining rooms because they make the place look complete, and you can fit all your loved ones in the same space. They also increase the personal space of the guests. Round, oval, and rectangular dining tables are perfect for more formal rooms, the first being better suited to classic styles. In addition, you can choose a triangular-shaped dining table. These tables accommodate up to six people depending on dimensions and placement.

And Finally – The Material 

The best option is to select a material that will complement the other pieces of furniture in your room. Always choose long-lasting, high-quality materials. Start by looking at various materials that appeal to your interior design style. Later, you can select the ones that best suit your dining room. 

For example, if you intend to use your dining room to serve meals and prefer a wooden table, you can choose one with a warm rustic feel. Buy hardwoods such as oak, walnut, or mahogany if you decide to get a wooden dining table. On the other hand, if you choose a glass-top dining table, you’ll have the freedom to combine it with various decorations. Furthermore, since these tables are reflective, they’ll make the room brighter and lighter.

Wrapping Up

It’s easy to become overwhelmed and buy a table that isn’t fit for your home. When selecting a suitable dining table, there are a few key factors to consider. Follow our tips to find the ideal dining table for your home. The perfect table should fit within your budget and your room and has a style you’ll enjoy for many years.