The dining room is often neglected in favour of more popular renovations in the home. After you refit the kitchen and revamp the bathroom, you will probably move on to the living room and bedrooms, leaving the trusty dining room until last.

The dining room is an important area. If you hold a dinner party, that is where your guests will sit to enjoy good food and company. It is only right that you update your room to make it a stylish and comfortable place for guests to enjoy.

Here are some dining room design essentials for 21st century living.


The dining room is the only place in the home where a central light fitting is more desirable than recessed ceiling lights or wall lights, though the latter are obviously useful for when there isn’t a dinner party on progress. Ideally the chandelier or another decorative fitting is situated above the middle of the dining table. It s not difficult to move a light fitting, but it is a job best tackled by an electrician for safety’s sake. The light fitting of choice should hang lower than you would expect in other rooms for good table lighting. No-one is going to bump their head on it in this situation.

Window Dressings

Designers rave about window blinds this year, but eyelet curtains from Super Blinds Mart and many other places are still a firm dining room favourite. The room must have an ambiance of luxury and warmth for relaxed social gatherings. There are hundreds of curtain poles available to suit your scheme, usually made of metal or wood.

Floor Covering

Laminate flooring is a product that many people find to be cold and only suitable for the most modern minimalistic interior design schemes. It is a great product to use in the dining room though, especially where children will be eating. Ceramic floors make your feet cold and carpet stains easily from dropped food, so laminate flooring seems the obvious choice. It is easy to put down now that the boards click together instead of using glue, and needs only a few tools to complete a room. It is hardwearing and easy to clean, so it will withstand anything the kids throw at it.


The dining room is one place in the home where lots of artwork looks great. Whatever your taste, whether you prefer modern abstract paintings or old portraits done in oils, your guests will appreciate something to look at while the await their meal.


The dining table and chairs are likely to be an expensive purchase, unless you intend to replace them every few years. Consider investing wisely in a heavy solid timber set that will last for decades instead. You will find incredible pieces that are sure to be the talk of your guests at independent furniture suppliers that provide top quality handmade  goods at reasonable prices. People must break the habit of buying from a chain store because they are brainwashed by the constant marketing techniques.

I hope you have found some useful ideas here that you will take and use in your own room. Don’t forget the accessories such as cutlery and plates. If the dining service in your cupboard is past its best, invest in a modern set that will give the perfect finishing touch to the setting. All of these things will make your dinner parties legendary. That is the aim, after all.