Tinsel is a must-have when it comes to Christmas decorating.

It fills your tree with colour and disguises bare patches, creating an attractive, full look. Plus, all of those shimmering surfaces catch the light to create an enchanting ambience.

This year, why not take your tree decorating to the next level? Shun traditional red and green and go for something a bit different instead. Whether you want to go full-on rainbow kitsh, eye-catching and daring, or create a winter wonderland fit for a snow fairy, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in our edit below:

Multi-Coloured Star Tinsel Garland

Looking for a garland that is not short on festive cheer? This beauty features a magnificent rainbow of colours. It’s finished with multi-coloured metallic stars. It’s garish but in a good way.

Grab it from Paperchase for £4. Check your local store or online.

Multi-Coloured Mini Tinsel Garland

This slimline tinsel garland reminds me of those little foil wraps on Quality Street chocolates. And if that doesn’t say “Christmas” I don’t know what does. It’s a cacophony of colours, featuring a host of purples, blues, oranges, golds, pinks and reds. The width makes this garland perfect for decorating tabletop trees and wreaths.

Available at christmastimeuk.com for only £2.

Iridescent Festive Fine Cut Tinsel Garland

If your Christmas decorating style is more Elsa’s Ice Palace than Santa’s Grotto, this tinsel garland is for you. It’s made from an iridescent material that glistens different colours depending on the angle. You’ll spot silvers, blues, purples and pinks and pinks as it catches the light. Magical.

Shop it from charlies.co.uk, £2.99 for 2m.

Rainbow Confetti Tinsel Garland

This trendy tinsel garland shimmers with every colour under the rainbow. Imagine as it catches the light on your tree. We love that it’s made right here in Great Britain, which means a lower carbon footprint. John Lewis source their tinsel from Cwmbran in South Wales—the only tinsel factory in the UK!

Get it from John Lewis (in-store or online), £8 for 2m.

Rose Gold Tinsel Garland with Bead Detail

This year, inject a little glamour into your Christmas decorating with this rose gold tinsel garland. The luxe decoration features a sprinkling of berry-inspired beads. We can imagine it on a tree dressed with an art deco theme.

Shop it at Amara.com, £22 for 180cm.

Neon Tinsel Garlands (Pack Of 6)

Looking for tinsel that’s both merry and bright? I think you can stop looking! This vivid neon offering certainly fits the bill. A far cry from the traditional, this set of six garlands will look at home in a room decorated with a bold and colourful scheme.

Get the pack of six from Acorn & Will, £7.50. Each garland is 6ft long.

Kraft Paper Tinsel Garland

We know what you’re thinking, this Kraft paper tinsel garland looks a bit… well… drab (especially compared to its colourful counterparts listed above). But hear me out: picture it draped around a real Norway Spruce decorated with wooden stars, clear glass baubles and warm twinkling lights. Very Scandi, right? It’s also an eco-friendly option as the paper garland will biodegrade quicker than the plastic and foil alternatives.

At the time of writing, it’s 30% off at cottonon.com. Making it £5.60 for 180cm.