The living room or ‘lounge’ in our homes are one of the most-populated areas within a house, and are typically one of two central points (the other being the kitchen) where all of the inhabitants of the house congregate on a daily basis.

When we come home after a hard day’s work, we want to be able to sit down in our sofas and relax, stick our feet up and relax.

Although we as homeowners often go to great lengths to decorate our homes according to our specific tastes, sometimes we can’t help but notice when we are chilling out in our living rooms that our window areas are a bit of an eyesore!

If this description sounds a bit like your living room, then why not jazz it up by getting some stylish blinds fitted; it will transform your window areas into one of the focal points of the room!

Here are some examples of popular living room blind styles for you to check out:

Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds

Used for centuries by the French and the English, Venetian blinds are now popular in homes all around the world. They are also the cheapest of all blind types that can be purchased, and are available in a wide range of colours and sizes.

Venetian blinds have horizontal slats which sit about one another, and are often made from metal such as aluminium, or plastic. It is also possible to buy wooden slats. They work by being suspended through cloth strips or cords, which ensure that all of the slats sit at equal distances and levels from each other.

They are very versatile, because they can be closed, opened (by means of 180-degree rotation) or they can be pulled up to the ceiling using a cord for maximum sunlight – or for cleaning the windows!

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds in Kitchen

One of the drawbacks of horizontal blinds like Venetian blinds is that they tend to collect dust quite quickly, which is why many homeowners prefer to have vertical blinds installed in their homes instead.

Another added benefit to vertical blinds is that they are easier to open and draw. As with Venetian blinds, they are available in a wide range of different styles, colours and sizes. Many people with sliding doors prefer to use vertical blinds rather than other types of blinds.

The Right Windows

The right combination of windows and blinds can be a perfect way of styling a space. Choose big windows for a bright and open look, or decorative window coverings for more class. This site has a range of high specification windows to choose from and get ideas.

Plantation Shutters

White Bedroom With Plantation Shutters

One type of blinds that are growing in popularity are plantation shutters. Although many people assume that they originate from America’s deep south, they actually have their roots dating back to Roman times believe it or not!

As with the other varieties of blinds, they can be easily obtained anywhere around the world. So if you want some plantation shutters in Perth or Peru, you can virtually guarantee that there will be availability of them wherever you are.

I hope that you have enjoyed this showcase of the most popular and stylish blinds for living rooms everywhere, do let me know if you have other suggestions for living room blinds in the comments box below!