Many homes in the UK are historic and have windows to match. From sash windows, which come in a multitude of bay styles, to box windows and many more.

Are odd shaped windows a pro or con for a home?

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Odd shaped windows come in all shapes and sizes. If your home doesn’t have any feature shaped windows it can appear as though the designer or architect of homes that do was trying to baffle rather than win over its occupants with these architectural anomalyies. However odd shaped windows can make a real difference to the architectural quality of a home. Circular windows or porthole feature in older properties and as the name suggests inspiration was taken from ship windows. Reading The University of West England domestic architecture page highlights how Victorian house designers tried to break the mold with round windows, often placed in hallways or the sides of buildings. Whilst it is true that odd shaped windows can cause some difficulties when choosing window coverings for the home, they will inevitably provide great architectural detail and joy to the home owner.

How do shutters provide a practical solution for shaped windows?

Interior shutters will provide an excellent solution to covering windows according to Cheap Shutters. When using curtains there will inevitably be no shape to the window once covered over whatever shape the window might be. However interior shutters can be manufactured to precisely fit the window, whatever the shape. This provides a stylish, practical and visually appealing solution that many other window coverings cannot offer. And the best part is it doesn’t have to interfere with whatever type of window is currently installed, from uPVC to old wooden sash style.

How do shutters cover the window when it’s odd shaped?

Shutters Breathe Life Into Odd Shaped Windows - Image Via

The job of measuring windows for the installation of shutters will fall on the provider, however having an understanding of the process will help with understanding how they work. For costing purposes whatever the shape of window is, it will be boiled down to the smallest possible straight-edged design. the illustration here demonstrates exactly how measuring will occur and how the plantation shutters will be manufactured. We can see clearly that any shape will fit within a square or rectangle providing an easy and cheap way to quickly gain the size required. We’re no maths experts but this logical methodology makes sense.

My house doesn’t have odd shaped windows but I’d like to see some!

Visit Cornwall has some excellent historic houses in the West Country to visit and see historic property with any odd shaped windows they might have. We recommend reading more if you are in the South West. New builds often also add triangular and other shaped glazing as buyers want more to differentiate their property from the norm. However, they come about, having unique architectural features such as these increase the appeal of properties in our opinion and long may this style continue.