People put their heart and soul into their interior efforts, thinking of every last detail to capture the attention of their guests and express themselves creatively and authentically.

Whilst many stop at furnishings, a key step to tie the room together lies in the olfactory senses where fragrance can stimulate feelings of nostalgia to help people associate specific moods and memories to the space you present to them.

Here are some key decor styles you might resonate with and the perfect fragrance combinations which can enhance the vibe you’re striving for.   


Minimalist white kitchen with basket of lemons and lemon tree

The style:

Your decor is minimalist when you appreciate serenity in your space. You like to draw attention to openess and light without distractions or clutter. When guests walk into your home you want a feeling of peace to envelop them and your environment to become a sanctuary for unwinding. 

Clean lines, neutral shades and an undeniable sense of tranquility. This stripped back style offers a mindful approach to interiors with an understated elegance that will have your guests feeling a blissful ease as they enter your haven. 

The scent: 

Minimal styles call for fresh scents to match their bright and airy aura. Think crisp aromas of freshly cleaned linens and vibrant citrus scents to add a light buzz to your space. Try bamboo for its airy natural tones or lavender for its proven relaxation properties. 


The Style: 

Lovers of Bohemian decor take a creative and free spirited approach when designing their living space. They embrace an eclectic mix of bold colors and layered patterns, striving to create a playful fusion of cultures and eras. Instilling a playful chaos and sense of adventure through their furnishings, those with this distinct taste opt to make their home decor warm and vibrant whilst encouraging an easy going vibe which makes guests feel at ease. 

The Scent:

Patchouli is a great scent to pair with a bohemian interior for its earthy musk and exotic accents. Sandalwood’s rich warm scent perfectly embellishes these types of interiors, adding a spiritual association due to its use in meditative practices. Finally, amber adds a smoky aroma specifically when burnt as incense to complete the bohemian ambience,  


Industrial and loft living room interior with concrete walls, beige sofa, and large overhanging lamp

The Style:

Taking inspiration from industrial spaces with a nod to raw utilitarian features, this type of decor features an array of materials with rough and rigid exteriors including exposed brick, unpolished metals and smooth concrete. With functionality at the forefront and typical ideas of aesthetics left behind, these urban settings ooze trendiness. Minimalist pieces, neutral colours and dramatic touches are curated to develop this edgy and rugged finish. 

The Scent:

Minimalist scents work well with industrial interiors like white tea or bamboo. Clean accents of lavender accentuate the spacious feel of these rooms whilst rustic notes of burnt wood compliment the rugged materials.


The Style:

Create this style using light colours and natural materials to emulate driftwood and sand. Homes decorated for a coastal vibe will maximise natural light and views to outdoor scenery. Nautical features of shells and stripes along with a white, beige and blue colour palette will produce an heir of refreshing salty air and seaside solitude.

The Scent: 

For these beachy styles, clear scent contenders include notes of seasalt and fern to emulate characteristics of the refreshing seabreeze air. Fresh linen and clean cotton scents are reminiscent of the shore style and mimic the airy openness these interiors strive for. Finally, light floral scents like lavender and heather provide tranquil undertones to invite guests into your serene seaside space. 

Art Deco

The Style:

You love your art deco if you reach for bold colours, geometric shapes and sophisticated materials. Think gold embellishments, velvet soft furnishing and a rich deep colour palette. Mirrored surfaces often make an appearance as well as exotic materials like marble and shagreen, all to emulate that opulent feel that this style exaggerates. 

The Scent:

Opt for scents that exude a sense of elegance and richness. Vanilla offers some sweetness and warmth so add to the cozy ambience, whilst bergamot can uplift the senses, adding vitality to the heavier undertones. Mix these with some soft spiced aromas or amber to add some complexity to match the bold visuals when entering these spaces. 


Eclectic boho living room with light blue sofa, rainbow wall hanging and rainbow coloured rug

The style:

Eclectic styles put emphasis on creativity and breaking design rules. You’ll enjoy a mix of colours, styles and eras to collectively develop an ambience of excitement and stimulation. Think vintage car boot sale finds and unconventional combinations. This often maximalist style creates an extreme personalised environment which captures your guests attention in a unique way. 

The Scent:

With these interiors you can let your creativity run wild, seeking an unconventional mix of diverse accents and undertones. Some great pairings are cedarwood and grapefruit which create a contrast of tangy citrus and earthy wood entwined with balsamic undertones. Soft spice and lily are another great combination of delicate florals with exotic deeper notes. 


The Style:

Rustic styles are all about comfort and simplicity. Stripping it back to raw materials like stone, reclaimed wood and exposed brick, these interiors have natural highlights combined with cozy textiles through rugs, blankets and soft furnishings. The colour wheels tend to consist of muted and earthy tones through a combination of off-whites and deep brown hues. 

The Scent:

For rustic interiors consider fragrances that evoke images of nature whilst also cultivating a warm and cozy feel. Amber offers a warm and inviting base whilst woody scents like cedar will draw you to the fireplace for a warming snug ambience. A touch of vanilla will add sweetness to create a nostalgic and inviting presence in your home. 


The Style: 

If you want a fairytale-esque style that’s charming and quaint, then cottage interiors might be your style type. Finished with soft pastel palettes and delicate decorative accents these interiors boast a romantic feel that stimulates nostalgia and calmness. They often combine floral patterns, lace textures and distressed finishes. Furniture can be a mix of new and old, with details like beadboard paneling and wainscoting that offer an understated finish tying together the layers and textures in a simple yet effective manner.

The Scent:

Cottage interiors call for an aroma balance of fresh and sweet fragrances. Including florals like lavender and Lily will add life to your delicate interiors, giving the essence of a blooming meadow. Vanilla can add a sweet warming sense which is reminiscent of baked goods and home comforts. Top this with a touch of citrus to add a revitalising energy to your otherwise soft scents and you cultivate the perfect balance for these idyllic interiors.

The vessel   

For a potent yet shorter aroma opt for candles but if you want an all round subtle fragrance that spreads slowly throughout your space, then diffusers are your best bet. Waterless oil diffusers will give a stronger lasting fragrance in seconds and lets you switch essential oil scent with each use for a more adaptable home fragrance experience.  

Final thoughts…

Decor style and scents go hand in hand and combine to enhance your interior design vision and create the well rounded home environment you want. Create a space that captivates all the sense and tells a story about your identity. Our home is an extension of our personality and like that, it is multidimensional with all details adding to the complex intricacies you present to your family and friends. Whether you resonate with muted minimalism, countryside cottages or dramatic art deco there’s a scent palette that will cultivate the environment you strive for.