If you are living in a small space, finding ways to organise and store your belongings can be a real challenge.

But with a little creativity, you can maximise your storage space and make your living area feel more spacious. Here are some creative storage solutions for small spaces: 

Utilise Vertical Space

A lot of small homes tend to not have a lot of wardrobe space which can be an issue for many people. This is why you should consider installing shelving units on your walls to store books, plants, and other small items. Hang the organisers on the back of your doors to store shoes, jewellery, or toiletries. 

Use Multi-Functional Furniture

Look for furniture pieces that have built-in storage such as ottomans, bed frames, or coffee tables with drawers or compartments. Investing in multi-functional means that you will have more storage, you can store your kids’ toys, shoes, books, and random nick-nacks. Thus creating more space in your home. 

Use Under-Bed Storage

Double bed with under-bed storage

Invest in some storage containers that can slide under your bed to store clothing, shoes, or seasonal items. You can buy beds that have storage installed in them, these are a good idea for storing bedding, towels, pyjamas, and more. 


If you are struggling with storage space, have you considered having a declutter? When you declutter your space, you may come across things that you have not used for years. However, when we speak about decluttering we do not mean getting rid of things forever, instead, you can rent a storage unit. Storage Stockport has a range of storage options for you. If you choose to store with them they can offer you 50% off your first 10 weeks of storage. If you want to rent a storage unit with them visit their website and get in touch with them today. 

Use Tension Rods

Childrens dresses hanging on homemade curtain pole made of wood pole and rope

Tension rods are great for creating more storage space within your home. These can be installed inside cabinets to create additional storage space for pots, pans, or other kitchen items. Or you can insert an extra rod in your wardrobe, this will save you on the ironing that you may have to do.

Use Hooks

Install hooks on your walls to hang items such as bags, coats, scarves, or jewellery. Or if you are living in a rented space and do not want to leave any marks on the wall, you can buy command hooks that just simply stick to the wall without leaving any marks. They work extremely well. 

Use Storage Baskets

Storage baskets are the perfect solution for hiding everything away. You can place them on the stairs, under beds, under cabinets, the list is endless. Place baskets on shelves or in cabinets to store items or loose items such as toys or magazines. This will also help to make your home look tidier. 

By using these creative storage solutions, you can optimise your small living space and make it feel more organised and functional and hopefully give you more space within your home. If you are interested in renting a storage unit then visit the Storage Stockport website and book a storage unit with them today.