Even though we all go into hibernation during wintertime (our gardens included), now that the longer days are starting to arrive and spring flowers are starting to bloom, it’s the perfect time to roll up your sleeves and get out into the garden.

So, to help you get your garden summer-ready, here are our top tips:

Have a Tidy Up

Top Tips For Getting Your Garden Summer-Ready

There’s no escaping the fact that our gardens look pretty dreary at this time of year. They’ve been left to their own devices for a number of months and are now in need of a bit of TLC.

First, look for any weeds that have managed to work their way back into your flowerbeds and get rid of any dead plants. Be careful when doing the latter, though, as some plants may look dead but may just need pruning and care to spring back into life. So start by cutting off dead sections, give them some plant food (that’s specific to their variety) and water them regularly if there isn’t any rainfall.

Make a start on tidying up your borders as well, using a strimmer or edging tool. Or, for a real luxurious finish, why not look at getting some stone-effect or wooden lawn edging from places like Coopers of Stortford?

Buy Your Seeds

This is one of the most exciting parts – deciding what you’re going to plant and where. This time of year is often the best time to start planting seeds, including flowers, fruit and vegetables.

And there’s nothing quite as satisfying as growing your own produce and flowers from scratch!

Mow the Lawn

Top Tips For Getting Your Garden Summer-Ready - Lawn Mower

While you’ll want to put this off for as long as possible, it’s highly likely your lawn is going to need a haircut soon. Having a large lawn doesn’t need to be a deterrent and can be easily tackled and maintained with a cordless, self-propelling lawn mower.

To get it in the best shape for summer, try aerating it. There are specialist tools that help you do this or you can just use a standard garden fork. Aerating helps improve drainage and encourages the grass roots to start growing. Just be careful not to do this until the frosts have finished.

Start Saving Water

You’ll need plenty of water during the summer months for all those plants you’re growing, so start saving up on rainwater now.

Simply install a water butt beneath your drainpipes and rooves, and start collecting all of that rain that’s inevitably going to fall throughout spring.

Not only will this help you save water and money but it’ll also make it far easier for you to water your plants. Plus, plants much prefer rainwater to tap water!

Show Your Garden Furniture Some Love

Top Tips For Getting Your Garden Summer-Ready - Garden Furniture

Now that your garden is prepped and ready for summer, it’s time to make sure you’re ready for all the entertaining you’re going to be doing.

Wooden chairs and benches often look like they need throwing on the scrap pile, but with a good sand and varnish they’ll probably enjoy a new lease of life. The same can be said for most other types of garden furniture, too.

Once you’ve completed these 5 steps, your neighbours will be going green with envy at your luscious lawn, fabulous flower beds and al fresco dining arrangements.