As we become more aware of our impact on the environment, you may be considering how you can incorporate this new eco-conscious thinking into your home design approach.  The world of Green Design is growing bigger and more accessible by the day – but where to begin?

If you asked the Founders of Coldharbour Tiles, a new eco-tile brand made from 100% recycled plastic waste, they would tell you to start with the tiles!

Coldharbour’s Luxury Eco-Tiles

Over the past year, Founders Emily and Jake, have been designing luxury wall and decorative tiles in Rwanda that blend their values of design and sustainability. “We wanted to create a beautiful product that stood on its own. The cherry on the cake is the environmental benefits,” says Emily Packer, Founder of Coldharbour Tiles.

Today, they are launching a Kickstarter Campaign, that will run until April 6th, giving you the chance to be one of their first costumers!

They’re being offered at incredible discounts!

Even if you’ve just been fantasising about remodelling one of the rooms in your house, you should take a look at the amazing deals being offered on their Kickstarter page. You can pick from hexagon, rectangle and small mosaic square in a variety of colours, including metallic silver and periwinkle with red flakes. Discounts on tile packages range from a whopping 30% to 65% off, and there’s even the option of designing your very own custom tile! Happy shopping!

Sustainable is the new chic!

Coldharbour’s Luxury Eco-Tiles

Instantly upgrade your kitchen, bathroom or old coffee table with beautiful stone-like tiles that no one will ever believe are actually made from recycled plastic. But bragging about how they are, is one of their best features! Made from common household items like shampoo bottles, lotion containers and water bottle caps, one backsplash made with 200 tiles, for example, would remove nearly 40 pounds of plastic waste from the environment! Not bad.

They help clean up tons of plastic pollution

Coldharbour’s Luxury Eco-Tiles

With the help of the Kickstarter Campaign, the Founders of Coldharbour Tiles are aiming to set up a new warehouse in Europe and start processing two tons of plastic waste per day.  As Jake says in their promo video, that’s the equivalent weight in plastic of 100 African elephants per year!

Despite our best intentions, the fact is only 9% of plastics are actually recycled worldwide. That leaves an incredible amount of plastic waste left to decompose in landfills and oceans, harming the environment, wildlife, and ultimately our own health, as microplastics enter our food chain. Brands like Coldharbour Tiles need your support now more than ever.

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