Like every big purchase for your home, you want it to not only fit the aesthetic of your home, but also provide functional value to your life, blinds are no different.

Having blinds creates a lot of functional benefits for you as compared to just having normal curtains, for this we spoke to the experts at DotcomBlinds to get their advice on how blinds provide value, from their function to improve your life.

Blackout Blinds For Better Sleep

Do you ever struggle to get to sleep because of light leaking into your room through your window? We’ve all been there and it’s infuriating, you start to drift off then headlights from a passing car light up your room and you’re back to square 1 of your attempts to sleep. Well you’re not alone, light pollution disrupts the sleep of countless people around the world, but the issue of noise pollution can be countered with blackout blinds.

Blackout blinds totally fix this issue, fully blocking out any light that would otherwise leak into your room, after all they’re called blackouts for a reason. With a set of blackout blinds you’ll find it a lot easier to fall asleep and you’ll notice you wake up less in the night.

Insulating Blinds Save You Money

We know all to well that in the Winter your heating bill goes up as you try to combat the cold and then in the Summer your electricity bill skyrockets as you try to keep cool with fans and AC, but insulated blinds give you a fix to both of those issues.

Women wrapped in blanket drinking hot drink

In the Winter, lot’s of the heat generated from your heating is lost to windows, so having an insulating set of blinds stops you losing heat to your windows, allowing you to spend less money on heating and in the Summer, these blinds keep out the heat by bouncing light rays back out of your home, allowing you to cut back on how many electronics you use to try keep cool. This all means that within a few years, your blinds may have paid for themselves in the amount of money you’ve saved on your bills.

Control How Much Sun Light You Get

We’ve all experienced getting Sun glare in your eyes or on your TV screen in the living room, making it impossible to see the screen, however if you have curtains and close them you block out the sun completely, plunging your room into darkness in the middle of the day.

Venetian bling tilted to stop the sun entering the room.

Blinds can provide a nice middle ground as they’re more adjustable than curtains, you can partially draw your blinds or even adjust the angle of the slats, this allows you to keep natural sunlight coming into your room, without it disrupting your vision.