The landing area is often overlooked when considering the design of a household.

For some, it serves as a kind of stop gap, a temporary pause area before proceeding into one of the adjoining rooms. While it’s a ‘no man’s land-ing’ to many, it’s time to lend life to the area.

Perhaps yours is left boring and beige for some neutrality, keeping things bland so that the next rooms look all the better? It’s a crafty design strategy, but in the end it wastes space that is perfectly poised for some quality decoration.

A room or area that’s empty and barren flags a certain lack of creativity and ingenuity, so it’s time to get imaginative. Here are some slick decorating options for your landing area!

Pictures and Paintings

How To Redecorate Your Landing Area - From House Garden - Image By Paul Massey
Image Source – © Paul Massey

Whatever your decorating choices are for your landing, it should at least look like you know how to occupy the space! After all, that’s what decorating is mostly about, aside from your individual aesthetics. Bare walls immediately signal that the owner has few interests, or at least none worth sharing.

There’s nothing worse than a wall that serves no other purpose than to ward out the cold or hold up a roof. Give it a few framed faces and watch it spring into aesthetic action! If the next rooms have pictures and paintings already, use the landing as a kind of pre-show to the main event. Art work isn’t reserved for galleries only, and your landing has the wall space for it.

Tables and Chairs

How To Redecorate Your Landing Area - Jeanetta Rowan-Hamilton's Scotish Lodge - Image By Elsa Young
Image Source – © Elsa Young

You might not think that the landing is for furniture, and if yours is a small one, then you’re probably right. The stairways shouldn’t be blocked and there should be enough freedom to move comfortably. In that case, this suggestion won’t apply to you if that’s what your landing is like!

However, if it’s bigger, then some furniture is a good fit for the space. After all, the landing is a communal area, and a quick sit down to wave to any family members or house mates could add a new dimension to the area. It could also add to the home as a nice rest stop, making your house a nonstop leisure ride. What more could you ask for?


Your home decorations should have a degree of consistency. If you have a certain type of carpet in one room, it’s probably best that it bleeds into at least one other. The same can be said for wallpapers and window panes; everything must create a sense of flow for maximum affect in decoration. Subsequently, if each window in your home has blinds, then you know what to do!

Companies such as Direct Blinds provide trendy wooden blinds that elevate a rooms character and appeal instantly. Whether it’s real wood or faux wood, cotton white or dove grey, there’s a range of options that can help to spruce up your landing area. A modern twang or a modest addition, blinds can fulfil that subtle ‘cherry on the cake’ role in any landing area, lending an air of completion.

Main Image Source – © Chris Drake