You will spend most of the relaxation time that you have in your living room, so you want it to be just right.

When styling this room you need to ensure you choose the right pieces of furniture to fit with the requirements of your lifestyle and also to achieve a stylish aesthetic, one that makes you happy and at ease. Furniture is such an investment, so you need to get it right first time.

Read on for some top tips on choosing stylish furniture for your living room.


Before you start buying anything have a good sit down and really think about what you use the living room for, do you use it as a TV room for instance or do you prefer to use it as a place to hold conversations?

This can help you start to come up with a picture of what furniture you need and also where you should position pieces to help you achieve your lifestyle needs.

Once you’ve thought about this you could start to map out your room, try using this website to create a plan of what your room should look like. Doing this will help you understand the size of the furniture you need before you go out shopping.

Choose High-Quality Pieces

How To Choose Stylish Living Room Furniture - Image From Apartment Therapy - Lauren Kolyn
© Lauren Kolyn

Once you know your measurements and have a plan of where the furniture will go, you are ready to go out shopping. The biggest tip you should take on board when shopping for furniture is to always go for high-quality if you can.

You might be able to pick up a cheap armchair but will it retain its looks? It’s likely it will look tired and old in a small amount of time, so why not spend as much as you can and treat your furniture as a true investment?

Think designer sofas or solid wood cabinets, ultimately, items that are built to last and will look super stylish in years to come.

Don’t Follow Trends

When shopping for living room furniture you need to choose items that you like and that you will continue to like for a long period of time.

It can be tempting, especially when trying to choose stylish furniture, to go with what is popular at the time. Fashions change so quickly though, and you do not want to be left with pieces that are out-dated. Look for simple pieces in designs that will retain their elegance.

Choose a theme

How To Choose Stylish Living Room Furniture - Image From Ideal Homes - Image Credit Tim Young
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Furniture within a room always looks best when it is centred around a theme. You might, for instance, decide that you want a modern look and so you should choose solely modern pieces, throwing a vintage piece into the mix simply would not work.

The only time that you should throw different pieces together is if you decide you would like an eclectic look and if you do decide to this, you still need to think hard about whether the pieces sit well together.

If you need some inspiration to help you choose a style, you could check out this website, there are plenty of themes for you to look through to help you decide which one is right for you.

There really is lots to think about when it comes to choosing new living room furniture, but with some thought and consideration, you can achieve your dream look. We hope you enjoy the process of putting your new living room decor together.

Main Image Source –  © Mark Scott