Most of the world has been experiencing some pretty harsh weather of late, and this means millions of people have had no choice but to remain inside their homes outside of working hours.

It’s unsurprising then that so many people have decided to use this time wisely by redesigning their own private space. This is simple if you live in a family home, but those who occupy smart apartments usually find it as little more difficult to identify the most alluring redesign ideas. With that in mind, this article has been written in the hope of giving you some good advice and ensuring you get the most out of your efforts this spring.

Considering that; if you’ve been having trouble deciding on which elements of your apartment need a rethink, spend the next few moments reading through all the tips I’ve included under this introduction, and you should find the information helps to point you in the right direction. At the end of the day, your basic design should reflect your own personal tastes, so feel free to adjust any of my ideas and tailor them to suit your preferred style.

Living Room Tips

Spring living room -

As this is the space where you’ll spend most of your free time, it’s vital you make it both inviting and comfortable. So, you might like to consider altering your colour scheme for something a little darker than you would go for with other rooms, and perhaps buying some cool light fixtures to give it a fresh new look. Also, purchasing some new units for your TV and entertainment system usually has a good effect. Great quality mango furniture from Casa Bella Furniture is extremely popular at the moment, but the decision rests with you.

Bedroom Tips

Pastel bedroom - Photo from Faust @ Pinterest

Again, you’ll want this room to appear comfortable and alluring, so opting to redecorate in deep red colours could produce exactly the effects you’re looking for. Finding a reputable supplier of ceiling fans might also be a wise move, as the summer is only just around the corner, and we all know how hard it can be to get to sleep at night during the blistering heat. When it comes to flooring; most people prefer carpets, but if you really must opt for laminate or real wood, ensure you pick up a decent thick rug, so your feet stay warm in the mornings.

Bathroom Tips

Bright pastel spring bathroom

Unless your apartment is really old, the chances are your bathroom will already look pretty good, but if you want to make changes, then go right ahead. Personally, if I was to redesign my own bathroom this spring, I’d probably head down to my local supplier and purchase some luxury new tiles, but you should only do this if you’re satisfied with your DIY skills. That said; you’ll find lots of articles highlighting the best way to replace bathroom tiles online.

I hope all this information has been useful, and now you’ll have some great ideas relating to which redesign and redecoration jobs you should undertake before the good weather hits. Just remember not to overstretch yourself too much, or else you could wind up with a half finished apartment.

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