10 Benefits of Shuttered Windows

Shutters have been taking the housing world by storm recently with huge waves of homeowners opting for the rustic chalet look and installing the beautiful shutters throughout their house.

Whilst you may already be able to see the aesthetic appeal of shutters, there is much more than meets the eye with these window-shading options.

Here are their top ten benefits.

1. Noise control

Well made shutters, when closed, can act as a dense noise block. Particularly if you live on a busy road shutters can help control the noise level within your house by blocking outside disturbances.

2. Privacy

Shutters for privacy

Many people gain piece of mind through security. When fully closed, shutters offer complete closure from the outside world and optimum privacy.

3. Light control

In the bright summer mornings, shutters can assure darkness in your room when you need some sleep. Closed, they block out more light than blinds or curtains.

4. Insulation


In the warm summer months, shutters can help keep your house cool through letting outside air in. In cold weather, they help insulate by keeping the cold air out. Shutters could be the perfect solution to your temperature control problems.

5. Low maintenance

Easy to clean and retaining less moisture than curtains or blinds, shutters offer a low maintenance option to your window additions.

6. Variety

If you’re worried about losing out on the variety offered by curtains and blinds, think again.
Firms such as Purely Shutters offer a wide range of designs, colours and sizes to ensure you get the shutter that best fits your house.

7. Versatility

Due to their variety, shutters can be adapted to fit any house. Their versatile use allows you to determine how much light is let in or how much privacy you want. Shutters offer more than a simple ‘open or closed’ option, allowing your house to become tailored to you.

8. Increase home retail value

Increase home retail value

A high quality shutter can complement any room décor and with their crisp and stylish finish they can easily add money to the value of your home.

9. Increase energy efficiency

Due to their ability to insulate shutters can actually help decrease your energy bill and help you create a more energy efficient home in both the winter and summer months.

10. Allergy control

It’s much easier to clean dust off of shutters than blinds or curtains, meaning you can say goodbye to damp and dusty sneezes caused by your dirty curtains.