Most people would like to achieve the ultimate goal and work from home one day.

Thanks to the digital age it is becoming a reality for more people than ever before. You can now be in a virtual office and communicate in real time with all of the other workers as if you were in a room together. File sharing is easy thanks to cloud-based storage and applications. Homeworking is the way of the future.

A company that allows its staff to work from home will save much money. It is possible that they could do away with their office premises altogether and save on rent and business rates. That might run into tens of thousands of pounds every year. If they need an office or meeting room at any time, there are serviced facilities for hire on a daily basis.

Let’s imagine for a moment that your dream is to become a reality. You are going to need a suitable place in your home from which you can work. If you have a spare bedroom, you are lucky because it is a perfect place to install a traditional study. Here’s how to go about it.

Colour Scheme

Old fashioned studies are not bright and airy places. Think about using dark colours for the walls; maybe green, blue or red. Darker colours calm the mind so that you can concentrate on the task in hand. They also match the furniture better than light colours.


The desk is the most important feature in your study. Modern pieces are not suitable for your scheme, so start to trawl the antique shops or visit this website for inspiration. Look for an item that has a rich colour with an attractive grain pattern and leather inlay. Pay attention to the patina which gives the desk character. All of these things will help you choose the ideal piece.

You need a comfortable chair too, so look for a leather office chair with a wooden frame and leather upholstery in the Chesterfield style. If you are lucky, you might come across a swivel chair with brass castors.

Bookshelves will complete the furniture set. They must be hardwood and the same shade as the desk and chair.

It might take you a long time to locate the furniture, but don’t give up; it is time well spent.

You can buy furniture yourself, get an interior design company to help, or rent furniture (more on this here).


Replace the pendant ceiling light with an ornate brass alternative. it must have glass shades in the style of your choice. On the desk, you will need a traditional lamp with a green glass shade. It is the perfect accessory for the antique desk.

Window Coverings

To keep within the hardwood theme, use some wooden shutters at the windows. manufacturers use exotic timbers to build high-quality units that will suit your design perfectly. You can control the amount of light they let in throughout the day by adjusting the openings as you would with venetian blinds, so they suit offices well.

When your study is complete, you must add the technology for your job. Blending it in with antique furniture isn’t easy but you can do it. That is a subject for another of my articles. For now, I hope you find my ideas exciting. There is always room for tradition!