Good posture is highly important for a working professional as it has a positive effect on workplace health.

‘Tech neck’ is a term used to describe poor posture in the workplace. When staring at a computer or a smartphone, many employees maintain a slouching stance with their head down, neck bowed, shoulders front, and slouched forward.

Stand up straight with your shoulders back and chin up is the healthier way to stand. Imagine a cord tugging your head and spine upwards. Try balancing a book on your head to determine how straight your posture has to be to keep the book from falling.

In the workplace, excellent posture is obtained by using an ergonomic standing desk.

The following are some of the advantages of sitting up straighter and maintaining excellent posture:

  • improved circulation and breathing,
  • a reduction in back and body aches,
  • less mental exhaustion,
  • Improve mental alertness and good productivity,
  • increased stamina during the day,
  • Better digestion means more oxygen for your brain.
Women in home office sat on backless egonomic office chair

Furthermore, having a stronger core and back muscles, will help burn more calories throughout the day, and gives the impression of someone with more confidence. Plus, it enable you to look more professional, which are all great advantages.

Slouching looks unprofessional, but it’s only one of the many reasons you should sit up straight at work. Sitting up straight decreases pressure on your back and spine, lowering your chance of injury and strain.

Hopefully you’re inspired to learn how to improve your posture now that you’re aware of some of the advantages.

Here is further advices on how to improve your posture:

Put in place an ergonomic workspace to enhance your posture

You’ll need an ergonomic workstation with a computer display adjusted to the appropriate height, an adjustable desk, an adjustable chair, and a keyboard and mouse in the ideal position to enhance your posture.

Women with blond hair wearing jeans and blue blouse standing by  large window and white egonomic standing desk

Standing desks that can lower into sitting desks are the greatest adjustable workstations for healthy posture. Your desk chair  may be changed at a height that permits you to maintain your head straight rather than gazing downwards while you’re sitting, but when you work at a standing desk, your posture improves automatically, and you’re less inclined to slouch.

In general, having your posture stay in the same postision for an extended amount of time is bad for your health. It’s far healthier for your body to change positions during the day (for example, by standing at a standing desk) rather than sitting all day.

When you must sit, make sure you are in a proper office chair. A fully adjustable ergonomic office chairs with adequate lumbar support, are well worth the investment, as they add to your physical health and well-being.

Working with your standing desk

If you make the wise decision to opt for a standing desk, there are a few crucial considerations to keep your posture in control. Maintain a vertical line with your head, neck, torso, and legs. Place your monitor at a comfortable distance from your eyes, around an arm’s length away (about 20 inches), and at or just below eye level.

Man working in office at a standing desk, using his laptop.

According to studies, the height of your workstation should allow you to type with your wrists straight and your hands at or below elbow level along with your arms near to your body. To avoid bending your head and neck, make phone conversations using a headset or speaker.

Keep standing up for your health

Sitting for long periods is not great for your health and your posture. According to studies, sitting without any physical exercise during the day is just as dangerous to one’s health as smoking and obesity. According to research, moderate physical exercise (60 to 75 minutes per day) can help to reduce health risks.

Standing more while working has also been recommended by experts. A standing desk is one method to do this, since it allows you to stay upright while making conference calls, scheduling meetings, and answering emails. You can extend your back, neck, and shoulders while standing at your workstation. Standing and exercising your legs throughout the day can improve your attention and mental wellness.

Adults’ metabolic profiles have been shown to benefit from taking breaks from sitting, including lower waist circumference, BMI, triglyceride, and blood sugar levels.


Perfect alignment of your body whilst standing or sitting results in good posture. Learning to hold your body in the ideal position while placing the least amount of strain and tension on supporting systems like your muscles and ligaments, is what correct placement is all about. Correct posture keeps your bones and joints in the best possible position while reducing wear and strain on your supporting systems.