An increasingly popular choice in children’s rooms, shutters offer a lot of advantages.

They’re solid, strong and can be made to any size and shape you need. They don’t have any small, breakable parts like blinds, nor dangerous cords, and they’re not as chewable as curtains. They also have a naturally elegant appearance. Could they be the right option for you?

Damage resistance

Let’s face it: whatever you present to young children they will try to destroy. Blinds are all too easily pulled apart or torn down. Curtains will be swung on, climbed and torn. Solid wooden shutters, properly fitted in place, are a lot more resilient. When closed, they also protect windows, so you can be confident that your child won’t climb onto the sill and risk falling when you’re not there overnight. It’s very easy to fit a bolt at the top to keep your child from opening them. Even if determined children manage to scrape or etch their shutters, carefully applied paint will fix it.


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Shutters provide insulation in several ways. they reduce the amount of heat that escapes from the room, ensuring that it stays warm enough overnight. They insulate against sound, helping to keep noises outside from waking your child and helping to keep noise in when your child is having a tantrum that you don’t want everyone in the neighbourhood to be subjected to. They’re also very good at keeping light from leaking in, helping to keep young children from waking up absurdly early in the middle of summer – because when they wake up, they always make sure you’re awake as well.

Ease of cleaning

If you have blinds in your child’s room you’ll need to wipe them regularly. If you have curtains, you may well need to wash them, which can be difficult if they’re large. Shutters are much easier to look after. With the right finish – which you can paint on yourself if you wish – they can simply be wiped clean, pretty much no matter what your child has done to them. You can also keep the surface sterile to reduce infection risks.


Why Choose Shutters For Your Child’s Room? 0 Image Via

Once you’ve chosen a set of curtains you’re pretty much stuck with them, which can be a nuisance as your child grows and goes through the phases that every child does, developing different obsessions and wanting a room to go with them. Shutters, however, can be repainted at any time, in any colour. As children get older, they can join in with this and even add things like stickers or posters. You can also cover shutters with blackboard paint so that children can draw different chalk pictures on them every day – the possibilities are endless.

With all these different advantages, shutters are a great solution to the problems posed by young children with other window dressings. When open, they also let a lot more light into the room than most curtain arrangements, and when closed they make the room more secure. There’s a lot there to love.