Daily Inspiration - Crimson/ Red Sofa With Gold Patterned Frame

Your daily dose of interior inspiration for today the 28th April 2015.

I would love to know a little something about the person who’s room this is. Are they of the younger generation or the older generation, as it is a great eclectic look.

The poster covered wall would beat many a teenagers poster display, and again is a really eclectic & retro collection, from pictures of animals to models, Bjork, microphones, hearts, to the Mona Lisa. I could look at this and study the pictures for hours.

It may be an antique or a replica, but the sofa is striking against the poster filled wall. If it had tiger paw feet I would be tempter to say that it may be from or designed to look like a piece of furniture from the Georgian era, as it is the popular colour of the time (crimson), and has the Greek pattern around the seat frame in gold that was very popular at the time.

I can see why antique dealers have such a love for old furniture, the rich styles, the possible history and the search for a genuine find must be so much fun.

A book, glass of wine, a cat snuggled up on one of the crocheted blankets and my head sunken into the gorgeous golden pillows, and I would be a happy lady.

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