One of the easiest ways to choose a new sofa for your home or office is to start by deciding which is your favourite brand.

You can then select the fabric, colour and style according to your preferences. It’s also necessary to consider the purpose of your sofa and where it will be placed. Of course, at a basic level all sofas provide the same function, which is to allow you to sit or rest, but spending time considering what your priorities are when it comes to purchasing a sofa, will help you filter out what you don’t want. This means you will have a much easier time choosing from your narrowed down selection.

If you’re looking to buy something for a formal living room or for a formal office waiting area, then an upright back will ensure your guests are comfortable and supported whilst waiting. If you live in an open planed home with a large kitchen lounge area, your new sofa needs to make a statement and have a strong presence within the room,

This enables the space to look inviting, as many sofas can look lost in such a large open area. A comfortable soft seating area with two or three sofas surrounding a central point for example a TV of fireplace works well. The other option would be a corner sofa or a modular sofa with extra seating and back cushions, that way the sofa gives you the option of hosting many more guest in comfort, than a regular two or three seater sofa.

How to choose the best Sofa

You need to keep in mind whilst selecting a sofa where your sofa is going to be placed and what size you want to select, as a small, medium and large sofa can vary in size according to the brand and look very different depending on the space you have within your home.

The size guide is as follow: 

  • Small – a two-seater sofa 
  • Medium – a three-seater sofa 
  • Large – a three to four-seater sofa 

It’s also wise to figure out beforehand whether you would like to place just a sofa within your home, or a sofa and a mix of armchairs. Taking into account how many people you want seating for in total and how much space you have in your home or office.

Also, think about the shape you would like and what will work with the style of your home and interior design. The different shapes a sofa is made in as mentioned previously are corner sofas and modular sofas, plus chesterfield, tuxedo, camel back, loveseat, cabriole, chaise lounge, knole, sofa beds, mid-century modern, English rolled arm and lawson sofas. Take the time to also think about the colour and material you would like the sofa to come in.

4 Examples of corner sofas

Mahi Corner Sofa Marble Teal

Mahi Corner Sofa Marble Teal

Made of stunning velvet fabric, this corner sofa is built to accomodate a large family or gathering of friends. It gives the feel of luxury and quality and adds style to any home. Although this is a very large sofa, it can still fit easily within budget, as it’s priced very reasonably. This comes in all the sizes; two-seater, three-seater, four-seater and the corner sofa as shown above. 

Rhino Italian Velvet Corner Sofa

Rhino Italian Velvet Corner Sofa

Made up of grey Italian velvet, this corner sofa brings an elegant look to the home and provides the best option for fitting in a small number or guests or to stretch out whilst watching TV. You can choose from 12 colours according to availability. This product is a great budget friendly product. and it also comes in three and two seater sofas.. 

Stella Dusty Pink Corner French Velvet

Stella Dusty Pink Corner French Velvet

Exuding class from a bygone era the Stella dusty pink corner sofa in French velvet, with it’s eye-catching design and colour will grabe the attraction of your guests and enhance the value of your home. You may even find your guests refuse to leave after such a comfortable experience, especially due to the spings being placed right up to the corner of the sofa.

Brighton Corner Super Crushed Velvet Sofa

Brighton Corner Velvet Sofa

Thick large foam cushions means the comfort level of this Brighton Velvet Corner Sofa is very high. A luxurious style simlar to a chesterfield sofa with it’s buttoned arms and crushed velvet material will add that something special to your home.

Grey is a very popular colour and fits well into the design of many homes, but if it is not quite to your taste the Brighton velvet sofa comes in many other colours

The type of material used to make a sofa can make a huge difference to your level of comfort, the sofas aesthetics, it’s long-term maintenance and physical support. Foam is a common type of filling used to make sofas in the UK. It’s low maintenance and provides the ideal level of support, although make sure the foam is not be too hard (uncomfortable) or soft (doesn’t last) and expect it to lose volume a little over time.

Choosing the best Sofa for your home or office can sometimes be overwhelming with so much choice available. Take your time and research your options, as the sofa you choose can give a long-lasting impression.