Are you trying to cultivate a green thumb? Maybe you just need an excuse to get more creative with your outdoor arrangements.

Keep in mind that size and drainage are the most important considerations. These exciting new choices will help you meet this goal.

Here are the top 5 planter options for your patio.

1. Campania Celine Planter

The Campania Celine Planter is a great new option for your patio. It’s a planter that manages to combine two of the hottest trends on the current market. These are industrial style and dish gardens. It has a low trending design that is porous enough to easily display herbs or annuals.

Campania Celine Planter
Campania Celine Planter

You can put this model on your tabletop or hang it from a hook on your patio. The unit comes with a drainage hole at the very bottom. This will allow you to grow succulents or cacti with ease.

2. La Jolie Muse Flower Pot Garden

If you have young kids or animals that like to run around, you’re going to need an unbreakable set of planters. The La Jolie Muse Flower Pot Garden is perfect for the task of keeping your plants safe and healthy even in heavy outdoor traffic. It’s a cost effective and aesthetically pleasing new model that contains all of the features you’ve come to expect.

Flower Pot Garden BY La Jolie Muse
Flower Pot Garden BY La Jolie Muse

These specially designed planters are made of strong grey resin. Even though they are virtually indestructible, you will soon find that they are lighter and more durable than the average ceramic or fiberglass model. This is one of the reasons they come so highly recommended.

You’ll also find that they are very compact and portable. You can move them around your front garden to your back or from your living room to your patio with ease. You should also note that these handy new planters have been designed to be highly resistant to frost and UV rays. They are backed with a full warranty.

3. Westbury Square Resin Pot

The Westbury Square Resin Pot planter is perfect for the needs of new and experienced patio gardeners alike. When you first see them, you may have a strong suspicion that they are made of galvanized metal that has been recycled. But this is not the case. They are actually made of a hard resin that is resistant to UV rays.

Westbury Square Resin Pot From Wayfair
Westbury Square Resin Pot From Wayfair

Because of the grooved and corrugated look of these planters, they are perfect for growing plants such as tall grasses. They’re also a good home for climbers and plants that enjoy spilling over the sides. The sturdy construction is porous in the right places to keep excess moisture out. They are also UV ray-resistant.

4. Square Tall Indoor & Outdoor Planter

The Square Tall Indoor & Outdoor Planter will give your plants the safe home they need while also livening up the look and feel of your patio. If you have too many neutral or dull pots in your back area, now is the time to jazz things up. These sturdy planters will do the job in fine style.

Each planter comes with a porous concrete design that is resistant to frost as well as harmful UV rays. You should also note that they are backed with a full warranty from the maker. These concrete planters are also much more lightweight and portable than their name suggests but are very definitely built to last.

5. Wetterland Fiberglass Pot

The Wetterland Fiberglass Pot gives you the classic look and feel of a traditional repurposed metal pot. It even has that corrugated, rusty look. But you should note that it comes with none of that impossibly heavy weight that makes real metal pots so hard to move.

Rust Lite Wetterland Fiberglass Pot Planter from Wayfair
Rust Lite Wetterland Fiberglass Pot Planter from Wayfair

The Wetterland Fiberglass Pot is one of the pricier planter options for you to consider. However, its long list of features and even longer service life should make it well worth the initial investment.

The unit comes with a specially designed fiberglass base that is fully resistant to UV rays, frost, and excess moisture. It’s porous in the right places to let water roll right through it. But it’s strong and resilient enough to keep your plants safely contained as they grow.

Planter Options to Enliven Your Patio

Our list of the top 5 planter options for your patio should be enough to get you started. This is an activity that you learn quickly and easily. Once you have the basics down, you can decorate your patio with these excellent choices for many more years to come. The time for you to get started planting is now.