On special days, particularly for women, flowers are considered a treat. Even in today’s age, there still is nothing that can beat that special feeling you’d get after receiving a beautiful bouquet.

When you receive a bouquest of flowers, you can be sure that the person that gave them to you has placed a lot of thought into what colour to pick for you, which flowers they think you’d like, and so on.

Flowers are always a delight to receive. But, once you taken them home, it’s also no secret that these flowers can deteriorate quite quickly. This is particularly true during the warm summer months. When you receive a beautiful arrangement of flowers, the tip is to find a number of ways that you can store and preserve them for longer. 

Perhaps you may also be looking for help to find flowers near you to give to a loved one for an anniversary or special occasion. Whatever it may be, it’s always a no-fail to surprise a woman with a beautiful bunch of blossoms.

Well, if you fancy that, then keep on reading. You’ll get insights on the best tricks you can do to store your flower bouquets properly and keep them beautiful and alive for a longer period.

1. Gently Unwrap It

Flowers are known to be very delicate. They’re usually packaged by florists to ensure they are preserved and in pristine condition when they arrive.

Bouquest of white and peach flowers

Once you get home, make it a point to unwrap the flowers immediately from all the tissue paper, Japanese paper, kraft or wrapping paper and plastic, or whatever packaging the arrangement came with. Don’t rush this and be very gentle. Not practicing caution can tear and destroy its delicate petals and blooms.

2. Trim The Stems

Before plancing the flowers into a vase, be sure to cut the stems first. It’s said that even half an inch will make a big difference.

Remember that these flowers don’t have roots anymore. Once cut, they rely on their stems for them to absorb water from the vase to stay nourished and hydrated. But these stems can also deteriorate very quickly.

Hence, before you place any flowers in a vase filled with water, you should trim its stems. Doing this can help in exposing healthier stems that are able to absorb more of the water for the flower’s nourishment. 

It’s a good idea to also repeat this process of trimming the stems every time you change the water from your vase.

3. Fill The Vase With Water

Don’t be stingy with the water. Flowers get thirsty very easily, therefore you’ll need to give them enough water to keep them looking their best.

Vase with white gladiolus flowers placed on table in lounge

The rule of thumb to follow is the bigger your flowers, the more water you need to put into the vase. Fill at least half of the vase with water. That way, even overnight, you know that your flowers have enough water to last them until morning.

If the bouquet comes with a small packet of ‘flower food’ when you received or bought it, don’t forget to drop this in the vase, too. Remember to follow the specific instructions on the packet accordingly.

4. Choose The Right Size Vase

The size and shape of the vase matters too when storing your flowers. Surely you wouldn’t want to keep your flowers in a container that’s far too small, as it can lead to overcrowding. Having too many flowers can also cause flowers to compete with the limited amount of water, ventilation, and other necessary resources for survival. 

If your vases are too small, then divide up your bouquet into different smaller groups. That’s even better as now you’ll have multiple vases of fresh colourful flowers that can decorate your home, making it look more vibrant

The clipped stems should fit nicely into the vase’s opening. Your goal should be to give each stem an equal amount of room to reach enough water.

5. Keep The Petals Hydrated

If you really want to maximise the beauty of your flowers, don’t forget to look after the petals too. Yes, they’ll get enough water from the supply absorbed through the stems. But giving your petals that extra bit of care and attention can be really benefitial. The petels are very delicate parts of the flower, so they’ll will also need moisture to look and stay fresh.

Roses in vase on silver tray. Vintage look.

Spray the petals with a small amount of water at least once a day. Do so regularly if you place your vase in an area with high amounts of sunlight. Be careful though as too much water on the petals can cause flowers to lose their lustre and deteriorate at a much faster rate. 

6. Change The Water Regularly

Fresh flowers need a fresh water supply. Therefore, you can’t keep the flowers in the same water you placed them in on Day 1. You’ll also need to change the water regularly to be able to add a good supply of nutrients.

A good way to go about this is to change the water at least once every two days. When you do so, make a point to also wash the vase. That way, whatever microorganism made its way on to the surface of the vase is also removed.


Who doesn’t love flowers? They’re just so beautiful, especially when in full bloom. 

Apart from the eye-catching packaging that comes with a bouquet, they look their best when placed in a beautiful vase. Improving the aesthetics of any area within your home, be it at your kitchen island, countertop, entryway, bedside table, or even your dining table. 

Hence, the beauty and life of your flowers don’t have to end upon receiving a bouquet and then bringing them home. With the tips above, now you can store them properly, so they can also breathe new life and beauty into your personal space.