The New Year often brings about change, with new trends and inspirations to try out.

And when it comes to the home, what better time to change and update your living space than the upcoming New Year? 

2021 is set to offer lots of exciting new trends for home interiors that you can get excited about. Whether you’re looking for a subtle change or want to revamp your home completely, here are some home interior design trends set to take over in 2021.

Structured simplicity

Nina Embroidered Cushion - Image Via Marks & Spencer
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For homeowners who like simple, understated style, then the Structured Simplicity trend is for you. This stripped back trend is evolving from the “Nordic Retreat” trend of this year, explains

This trend creates a calm, comfortable chilled out space for you to sit back and relax in. The colour scheme focuses on soft and warm neutrals rather than bright colours. Add different textures to add interest and use raw materials to create a sustainable feel.

Biophilia & sustainability

5 air-purifying plants - Image Via
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Biophilia has become a popular trend among many businesses, with office interiors beginning to incorporate more nature and greenery. Biophilia refers to our human attraction to nature, which biophilic design takes inspiration from. 

Of course, biophilic design goes further than just adding plants to your home. Focus on improving air quality, acoustics and thermal comfort in rooms. Also add natural colours, textures and patterns to your room. This trend is more than aesthetically pleasing too, with studies showing that incorporating natural elements into your environment can help to reduce stress and blood pressure, as well as improve productivity and wellbeing. 

The natural element

Sustainability is becoming a big trend within home interior design, as seen in the trends outlined above. This trend continues to impact home colour schemes, with natural paint colours set to be popular in 2021. 

Expect to see typical neutral colours such as beige and stone, mixed with earthy colours such as greens and browns to create a natural feel. Home décor will not only look sustainable – it will be made from sustainable materials too as more consumers become environmentally conscious. 


Fired Earth Terrazzo Collection

Terrazzo Crovato
Terrazzo Crovato
Terrazzo Marini Base
Terrazzo Marini Base
Terrazzo Bertoli
Terrazzo Bertoli
Pegase Terrazzo Washbasin - Image
Pegase Terrazzo Washbasin – £149

Terrazzo is making its comeback in 2021, and this time it isn’t just limited to the bathroom. This composite material consisting of quartz, marble chips and granite is set to be popular throughout the home, thanks to chips becoming brighter and larger. 

For example, terrazzo can be used for kitchen counters to create a bold but stylish statement. The trend can also be seen in home décor such as photo frames and lighting. 

Curves and arches

The trend for softer, more feminine aspects to the home is set to continue in the New Year. Modern designs include circular windows and arches – even furnishings are opting for non-traditional shapes, with a prominent rise in curved, retro sofas, for example.

Perle In Plush Turmeric - Image Via
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This trend can be enhanced too by adding other home décor details to your home. For example, look for light features that have curved edges to exaggerate this trend.

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