Many people like to travel by car. This is a great way to see more attractions and control every step of the trip yourself. But there are some aspects that you should know in advance. This will make it easier for you to deal with unexpected situations and experience less stress.

Extend Your Insurance

Pay attention to your insurance. You may need to extend it. Alternatively, you can choose new insurance that covers special cases. Since you are going to travel abroad, you should clarify whether you have a guarantee for damage repayment in case of a car accident. This is important because your safety comes first.

Get the Right Documents

You need to take all documents, such as a driver’s license and papers, to confirm that you are the vehicle owner. Collect a complete list of documents and take it with you. Even if the police do not stop you, you need to make sure that you have all documents on you in case of any problems.

Resting Place Matters

Where are you going to spend the night? Let’s say you want to visit several cities or even countries and not waste time on hotels, then you should read the Kings Rooftop tent review.

Car with roof top tent by the sea

Such devices can be easily installed on the roof of your vehicle and rest anywhere. For example, you can stay in the forest or at the seaside.

Buy Extra Breakdown Cover

An extra breakdown cover will help you get an additional payout if you have a car accident. It would be sad if you had to spend money to bring the pile of scrap metal home. If you take care of this in advance, you will receive compensation even if your car becomes unusable.

Be Aware Of Speed Limits and Fines

Pay attention to the types of road signs and their meaning when you plan your travel itinerary. The point is that there are various speed limits. Most roads allow drivers to reach speeds of up to 55mph. But there are some areas where you will need to drop that down to 50mph. Remember that every European country has its penalty system. It would be sad if you had to pay a large amount for speeding. Pay attention to road signs, then you can determine in time when you should slow down.

Remember the Phone Number for the Emergency Services in Europe

Try to write down all the numbers in advance so you can call the police, a tow truck, or contact your local insurance company. Sometimes it will even be appropriate to find out the phone number of the embassy, then you can quickly resolve any conflict if the situation requires the intervention of representatives of your country. Fortunately, these issues are rare, so you don’t have to worry too much.

Get a UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC)

Here’s another aspect to keep in mind. If you need medical attention abroad, then you can end up spending a large amount of money. If you apply for a UK Global Health Insurance Card, you are then able to receive state-provided medically necessary healthcare.

An injured cyclist in the forest

The NHS states that “Not all state healthcare is free in the EU and you may have to pay for services that you would get for free on the NHS”. It’s therefore also wise to purchase travel insurance that covers health care. .As a rule private health insurance covers major accidents and any medical services, but it is always best to read the fine print, especially if you suffer from pre-exisiting conditions.

Final Words

These are the main aspects that you need to know about if you are planing to travel around Europe in your car. Do not forget that the rules of the road are almost the same, except for speed limits. Prepare all documents and insurance in advance, then even an unforeseen situation will hopefully not develope into a stressful time that could ruin your holiday. Plan routes in advance and write down phone numbers that will help you receive help at any time. This way your trip will be more stress free and relaxing.