Have you noticed that more and more living room furniture sets are now coming in a number of pieces?

The modular approach to furniture is leading to some interesting designs that give you more versatility with your living room furniture arrangement. Modular sofas in particular are increasingly popular for many reasons, from convenience to customisation.

Ease and directness of shipping reduces costs

Living room sets with modular sofas are among the cheapest available due to how easy it is for them to be taken apart into their individual pieces and shipped across the country. It also makes it easier for you to receive the furniture and place it the room of your chosing, without the need to pay for white-glove delivery services from a local furniture dealer or provider.

Best for arranging furniture in an awkward space

Because modular sofas are usually designed to be seperated by each seat, it is a lot easier to get each one of the sections of the sofas into an awkward or tight space. Narrow doorways of small apartments are no match for these modular sofas. Best of all, you have more design options for your awkward living room space.

Corner section of grey modular sofa

For example, if the architectural design of your living room doesn’t alough room for you to bring in a sofa or loveseat through the door, but does have the space within the room for a full size couch, a modular sofa will solve this problem, as you will be able to bring in one seat at a time.

Modular sofas give you freedom to design your own seating

Many of the cheap furniture sets for living room that offer modular sofas or sectionals as the centerpiece for the collection give you the option to choose how many cubes or seats you want to purchase for your set. The modular nature of these sofas make it possible to completely customise your seating to meet your needs, now and in the future.

Grey modular sofa in contempory living room with large glass window

Again, this is very helpful when you are designing an oddly shaped room. Many modular sectionals come with optional rounded corners for you to create a unique stylish sofa, that fits perfect into the designated space. Because the pieces are interchangeable and can be put into different configurations, the added bonus is that your modular sofa will continue to adapt to your environment as you move from apartment to apartment.

Best for moving into a small apartment 

If you are dedicated (or stuck in) apartment living, you really don’t want to own bulky furniture. Not only is it awkward and more expensive moving from place to place as you change leases, but getting bulky furniture up or down stairs, around tight corners and narrow landings, and through narrow doorways is a difficult and sometimes impossible feat. 

Opting for a living room set with a modular sofa and lightweight furnishings in general will be your best bet if you are planning to live in an apartment for some time. When it comes to the rest of your living room set, look for options that are made with natural and highly durable materials like bamboo, wicker rattan, and others.