There is a certain classic style and longevity to many famous British designer items.

Many brands have gone down in history as classics, a work of art and are highly sort after for a reason – their product exude style, the craftsmanship and design is second to none and they last the test of time.

That is why they make great gifts to others or if you so choose – to yourself! But what classic gift would the man in your life truly want? A suit from Savile Row so he could look impeccably sharp, an antique or handmade Chestifield sofa for his bachelor pad or country home, or a custom made Austin Martin car!

Here we have an infographic that will help you decide ‘what makes an object timeless’? Once you know what to look for, we hope you are part way there to deciding what would make the perfect gentleman’s gift.

Infographic provided by The Original Sofa Company who are a UK company, specialising in handcrafting and restoring Chesterfield sofas and chairs.

Main Image Source: 1, 2, 3.