While choosing to live in any part of the United States boils down to one’s preference, the infographic summarises important considerations to make before you move.

According to the latest report by the FBI, the U.S department of labour, and other national agencies such as United Health Foundation and the Environmental Foundation, choosing the best state in which to live depends on certain parameters such as population density, educate rate, availability of health/medical services, rate of crime, income levels, unemployment rate, availability of infrastructure, environmental concerns, rate of poverty and median Home value.

This information is crucial for both U.S citizens and people planning a move to America. The state of Virginia takes the lead as the best state to live in the USA, followed by Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Utah and New Jersey making it to top five.  Other states that make it to the top ten best states to live in are Connecticut, Colorado, Hawaii, Vermont, and Minnesota.

Infographic Source: https://securinghome.com/best-states-to-live-in/