When considering emigrating to USA you need to be aware that every portion of the country is incredibly different, so it’s important to get to know an area and its risks before you move there. The areas in the south of the USA is no exception to this rule!

From the incredible weather to the amount of moisture in the area and the age of some properties already reaching well over 100 years, these are the top things to know before you buy a home in this area.

Be Aware of Moisture Not Just From Rain

Moisture doesn’t just come from the rain! Although it’s important to know the amount of rain to expect in your area, you should also consider the air’s moisture content. Most of the south deals with humidity levels that are unheard of in the rest of the country, leaving many to say that the entire south was built in a bog.

Women in red kayak on Juniper Springs Creek, Florida

Because of this, mold and rot are pervasive issues and can ruin a home in no time at all, if left unchecked. Pay attention to this issue, and consider taking around a moisture content reader while you’re looking at properties.

Insect Life Can Be Terrifying

In many areas in the south, insect life becomes a part of homeownership that you have to maintain. This is worse in the regions that are thick with trees or near creeks. You’ll see an abundance of spider, mosquito, and waterbug life that can make your home feel like it’s been infested.  

Get to know what risks the property you’re looking at has, and consider the cost of maintaining and keeping insect life at bay. This could mean implementing plants like basil to keep mosquitoes away and attaching insect mesh to doors and windows.  

Flooding Is a Possibility 

Flooding is something that everyone’s at risk of if they lie in an area prone to heavy rain: but the south is even more prone to flooding because of the high water level in most of the soil.

Road flooded in Fort Lauderdale residential neighborhood

When you’re looking at Nashville houses for sale, look at how close your property is to rivers or bodies of water, and check the home’s history to see if it’s ever flooded. This could save you from possibly making a huge mistake and buying a property that may flood.

Ask When the Roof and Siding Were Updated

Due to storms and the strange weather of the south, you may notice that some parts of the property age faster than others. This can make buying a home stressful because you don’t want to pay to replace a roof just a couple of years after purchasing the home. 

Ask the age, and if it’s close to the time when it would need replacing or looks in poor condition, try to talk down the price of the property.

Your Home Should Be a Space That Feels Safe and Comfortable

Whether you’re emigrating to the USA or moving from the northern to the southern part of America, the property should feel like home to you. By paying attention to anything that could be a red flag on the house, you’ll be able to plan a safe and comfortable home for you and your family.