The Benefits Of Building An Extension

Space. The final frontier. Well maybe the issue of space isn’t quite that dramatic in our everyday lives, but it’s something we as humans crave.

You may have your dream home but are starting to feel that you want to expand. This could mean looking into buying a new, larger property, but that can be a big thing to take on.

Buying and selling homes can be an arduous process and a prospect that not many of us relish. There is an easier and more affordable option if you would like to increase your living area and that is to build an extension!

There are many advantages of extending your current abode, and below we look at some of the major reasons why this could be right for you.

Accommodating A Growing Family

Whether you already know the joys of parenthood or if you are expecting a new addition soon, you could benefit from having more room to breathe.

You may be fine with living in a one bedroom house for now, but that beautiful baby is going to grow into the most dreaded of all monsters – a teenager!

It could get kind of awkward if you have to share your bedroom with a seventeen year old. I don’t need to go into details but safe to say, any children you have will need their own area to inhabit.

By building an extension onto your existing home, you can create a whole new room, perhaps on top of a flat roofed part of the house. This may sound like a big job but with the help of a team of professionals it could be a tangible reality.

Increased Property Value

It is probable that the most expensive purchase you will make in your lifetime will be your home. As we know, the house market fluctuates and you may not necessarily make any equity on your home should you come to sell.

However, one virtually guaranteed way to make some profit is to build an extension. The difference in value between the average two bedroomed house and one with three bedrooms should be significant. Try not to see building an extension as an expense, instead see it is an investment.

Outdoor Freedom

One thing that many house-buyers are really looking for is an outdoor area and your new extension could be designed to provide such space. You could draw up plans for something that not only gives you more internal rooms but also allows for outdoor development. You could choose to add a roof terrace to your new building, for example.

The possibilities are endless with something like this as you may be opening up a whole new way of living. If you dream of eating breakfast al fresco, this could be an ideal way of making it happen. Check out these handy tips on how to make a new roof terrace really unique.

Now that you have seen the advantages of building an extension you can let your imagination run wild. You never know where you might end up!

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