Anyone who works in a demanding environment will already know how much hassle it can be ensure their home looks good.

After spending more than half of your waking life earning money and fulfilling your commitments, there’s often simply no time to concentrate on household tasks. This is why many high powered business people employ cooking a cleaning staff to help look after their properties. Though you might think they do this to assert their authority, in truth, the reasoning usually has more to do with their stress levels at the end of the day.

With that in mind, I’ve written this article today in the hope of drawing your attentions towards some really simple ideas that could help even the busiest people to create the ideal home environment without spending hours making plans and working on designs. So, if you regularly find that you’re just too tired to deal with stuff like this during the evening time, take a few minutes to read through my advice, and you should find the job becomes slightly less daunting.

Dark Colours

I realise most design guides will tell you the opposite, but you have to understand the people writing them don’t understand your personal situation. So, leave everything you thought you knew at the door and have your lounge painted in dark colours. In most instances, browns and blues work well, although I’ll leave the finer details up to you. Dark colours are beneficial because they’ll stay looking clean and fresh for a long time, whereas those who use lighter shades will have to spend more time wiping away fingerprints and other marks that are prone to accumulate.

Easily Washable Furniture

These days there are some brilliant slipcovered sectional furniture solutions on the market, so you’d be a fool to overlook them and opt for more traditional products. Other than the wide range of styles and impressive array of materials, this type of furniture is desirable because it’s easy to clean, which means it tends to last much longer. With traditional sofas and chairs, you’d have to pay a professional to come into your home and deal with cleaning tasks, but with slipcovered you can simply unzip, and do it yourself.

Laminate or Real Wood Flooring

If this were an article about how to create a warm and comfortable feel in your home, then I’d be advising you purchase and lay some thick carpet. However, it’s not, and so your best bet is to go with laminate. You see; cleaning laminate flooring is very easy and can usually be achieved with nothing more than a broom, a mop, and a bucket. Also, it looks more luxurious to visitors and tends to last a little longer without showing signs of wear, so long as you make everyone take their shoes off.

Right folks, that’s all we’ve got time for today unfortunately, but if you want to learn more about what busy people can do to make the most out of their home designs, meet me back here in a few days, and I’m sure to have another article ready that will alleviate all your concerns.

Have fun!