Slatted facade

Is your home looking a little run down from being under constant attack from the weather? Solar radiation heats paint to blistering temperatures, and wet conditions rot the external woodwork. Maybe it is time remodel the outside of your home. It is a big project that people mostly undertake when they are renovating a house to  live in, or to sell.

The good news is that if you address the main problems with your house to a high standard, you can transform it and make it look brand new again.

Here are seven ways to improve the exterior look of your home.

New Siding / Cladding

There are several materials to choose from when you replace the siding on your home. Timber was the traditional material of choice, but it does require maintenance. Repainting it every five years is a labour intensive and expensive undertaking. Now we have new materials such as vinyl and fiber cement that offer a permanent solution that is maintenance free.

If the contractors do a poor job when fitting the siding, it can lower the value of your house and make it look ridiculous, so minimise the risk. Only use contractors that have a proven track record and have the maker’s approval. James Hardie, manufacturers of fiber cement siding, recommend Lakeside Exteriors in St Louis as their preferred installer. You can’t get a better recommendation than that. Ask your contractor for details of previous renovations, so that you can view the quality of their workmanship and see if their customers were satisfied.

New Windows

Install thermally efficient uPVC windows that have double, or triple glazing within them. After siding, it is the windows that have the greatest impact on the aesthetics of the house.

New Door

A high quality front door speaks volumes about the people who live behind it. If yours looks tatty, visitors may form a negative impression of you as they approach it. Repaint or replace your door to make it glossy and clean. Ise high quality furniture on it, but remember to polish it regularly.

Facia Boards

Timber fascia boards rot eventually. Clad them with uPVC, and they will last for decades without looking old.


The guttering plays an essential part in protecting the fabric of the house below it. If it is leaking, or coming away from the roof, replace it with new. There are only so many times you can repair it successfully and it is relatively inexpensive to replace


Every drive cracks or crumbles after years of hard use. You have a choice of materials for a new one. Paving bricks, concrete, paving slabs, and gravel are common materials. Natural stone is a high quality alternative that will last forever if looked after properly.


Tidy the garden to improve the overall impression of your home. It need not be expensive; trim the bushes, cut the grass, and weed the borders. A little hard work is good for you.

If you remodel the exterior of your home using modern materials, it may look good for the rest of your life. Think of the time you could save on the upkeep of your house if you invest wisely now. You will be able to take up a hobby, such as fishing instead. The argument is compelling, don’t you think?