With the summer fast approaching, people’s attention is naturally turning to their back gardens and getting it in tip-top shape for sun-filled fun.

Relishing the rare glimpses of the sun, as a nation we flock to our gardens in droves. For those with young families however, the opportunity to enjoy the sun with a glass of wine can sometimes be ruined when the children bring out the Super Soakers and footballs.

Creating a designated area in the garden for kids to play and make a mess can help you reserve a small haven for yourself to relax and take in the sun’s rays. Here are a few self-contained methods for having a glorious dual purpose garden sure to keep the whole family satisfied.

The Enclosed Trampoline

Almost a fun, safe prison for the youngsters, the enclosed trampoline is particular beneficial for families with energetic charges. The strong, see-through mesh allows parents to monitor their children using the trampoline with no risk of flying balls or toys. All Round Fun stocks a great selection of enclosed trampolines in a range of different sizes and styles.

Trampolining is a great source of exercise for children, helping to stimulate metabolism, increase oxygen capacity, increase oxygen circulation, improve balance, increase energy, strengthen the heart and help firm muscles.


Encourage their Green Fingers

If your children are interested in nature, a small vegetable patch or flower bed could capture their imagination over the summer months. Planting and nurturing vegetables can be very entertaining for children who are interested in how things grow and develop. If the children become passionate and protective over their seedlings, they are more likely to be respectful of the garden, enjoying it for its relaxing nature and beauty. This allows you to enjoy a glass of wine for its relaxing nature and beauty.

The Nurture Store details how to plant seeds with your children this summer.


Badminton Tournaments

Badminton has been enjoyed by the British since the mid-1800s and continues to captivate generation after generation. The lightweight nature of the shuttlecock gives badminton an advantage as a back garden sport over the likes of tennis and football as it is unlikely to cause any damage to the garden or the home.

The natural flight of the shuttlecock ensures that the space utilised during play is minimal. Enjoyed by all ages and abilities, the whole family can enjoy tournaments, pitting themselves against one another.

Badminton - Joao Lavinha

The Parent’s Crèche

Rather than setting up a bespoke area for the children where they may feel excluded from the rest of the family and their activities, create a small retreat for you and your partner, leaving the main body of the garden for the children to dig up and ruin. By placing down paving and plain, heavy furniture, the children will be subtly discouraged from entering this area they perceive as being boring. Then sit back, open the wine and keep an eye on the children, ensuring that they don’t encroach on your relaxing haven.