Depending on the type of patio furniture homeowners choose, purchasing a new set can be a considerable investment.

Therefore, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of your choice.

Some sets may be better suited to your lifestyle while some materials may be best suited to your setting.

The following facts and information about patio furniture can help you while you shop.

Can Patio Furniture Be Left Out All Year Long?

Some patio furniture like wrought iron can certainly be left outdoors throughout the year.

A powder coating will allow it to stand up to the elements. Owners should take care to look for rust spots periodically.

Down the road should owners spot a spec or spot of rust, they can easily sand the spot and touch it up with some paint.

Otherwise, this is a great long-term option.

However, other sets like wood may also be left outside if they are treated and designed for year-round use.

Many homeowners do not leave plastic outdoors as it doesn’t stand up to the elements as well as other materials.

Acrylic Cushions Hold Up Best

Most experts recommend using acrylic cushions for outdoor settings as they do not mildew or stain easily.

You will also likely want to choose a fabric that is colorfast and will not fade in the sunlight.

You’ll find that you’ll have a great selection of durable cushions that come in a myriad of styles.

How Can I Prevent Patio Furniture from Heating Up?

If you place your patio furniture in direct sunlight it may heat up considerably depending on the material.

Wrought iron, for example, can get quite hot as can plastic.

For sunny spaces, many consumers find wood to be an optimum choice as it doesn’t retain heat the same way other materials do.

Wicker can also be a good choice in this case.

However, cushions will prevent people from getting too hot when they sit on patio furniture made from other materials.

Warranties Vary

Warranties will vary depending on the manufacturer of the furniture.

Typically, high-quality items will carry a five-year warranty.

However, it isn’t surprising to find that some actually come with a fifteen to twenty-year warranty.

Your sales associate can provide you with warranty information while you shop, but be sure to ask.

Consider this information when you shop for patio furniture.

Be sure to ask your sales representative to discuss specific features of the items you choose as well as their care requirements.


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